16 Jan 2018



I have been many places and done many things, but I have never been to Wrestlemania. I have attended some of the greatest Wrestling shows that have happened in the U.K including Summerslam 92 at Wembley.

I have never been to Wrestlemania, the main reason is because of how expensive it is!

However I didn't let that phase me and I decided if I couldn't afford to go.. I was gonna make one of my own! My own Wrestlemania which could happen in what ever timeline I wanted and with all the superstars of my choosing.

No Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose or any of them other vest wearing mediocre looking "superstars" of the current era. I fancied going back in time! To a time when the legends roamed the earth (late 80s early 90s to be specific)

So with my army of action figures, mini engineering/set building skills and average photography, I managed to create a dream Wrestlemania where my action figure could be in the front row. After doing a few practice runs with smaller sets and cards I went to work booking something truly awesome.

Here is the video of the entire event. Once I finished making this I came to the realization that

 1. I may be mental..

2. I could have gone to wrestlemania if I hadn't of spent all that money on action figures.. oh well!

22 Apr 2017


Introduction by K ROD

Brock Versus Rock was a small project I made a short while ago. It was something I made and edited in one day using an ipad camera, a toy UFC octagon and 3 action figures. The first fight was just a test project to see what was possible and what would happen if Rocky stepped in the octagon and seeing as I had a new Brock Lesnar figure it was a no brainer.

After the first fight many people enjoyed it but the same amount were upset about a few things, mainly the outcome of the fight. I had a feeling this might happen thats why I set up the sequel just in case. Enough people saw the first fight and seeing as it got people talking I made sure the rematch was everything the first fight wasn't. The first fight had no back story we just went straight in and it was a short affair. This time round we have gone to 60 plus pages of story and action.

As well as adding many characters into the fold I built a few mini locations from scratch such as a bar, a wrestling gym, streets and the awesome arena where the fight takes place.

This has been a passion project which I have worked on in the evenings and has taken a couple of months to finish. If you enjoy this story share this post with your friends and be sure to check out my other toy stories in the comics tab above. Also the referee figure is an action figure of K ROD made by Tom Daines at Fallen Models

Enjoy K ROD