1 Jan 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR By Kristian Rodriguez

Happy new year from Lost Entertainment! Things have been pretty sweet so far feedback wise on the blog (bearing in mind it was only started a few weeks ago!!) and theres gunna be more bigger and better stuff happening in the coming year. So its a new decade which is gunna be even harder to give a nickname to than the noughties!
Moviewise 2010 looks like another year for the remakes

A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET REMAKENightmare on Elm Street gets a platinum dunes make over! Jackie Earl Harley from the watchmen gets to don the razor fingers, striped sweater and burned skin in what seems to be a much darker take on the 1984 classic. From what I can gather so far the production looks promising. Being a huge fan of the original series I was totally against a remake of this but as the times gone on and more has been revealed, I'm looking forward to it and think it will be much better than last years Friday the 13th remake (which felt like a sequel if anything) and be on par with Rob Zombie's Halloween remake.
Clash of the Titans gets the CGI treatment this March with a remake of the 1981 classic. Since then visual effects and state of the art film making has come a long way in the last 29 years from Ray Harryhausen's stop motion wizardry. The original is an all time favorite of mine and yes this does look epic.

Remake of the 1941 Universal Monster classic starring Lon Chaney Jr, the Wolfman hits the big screens this summer with Benicio Del Torro playing the lycanthrope. Anthony Hopkins co stars as well as Hugo Weaving. With this being the first of the Universal monster remakes I'm hoping that a Dracula and Frankenstein make over are on the cards to

Iron Man 2 looks immense! The sequel to the 2008 smash hit movie arrives in May when Tony Stark and friends make a welcome return to the silver screen. Samuel L Jackson makes his presence felt taking the role of Nick Fury of SHIELD (I'm sure he will do a much better job then Hasslehoff did in the 90s!) with Robert downey reprising the role of Tony Stark. With Marvel comics being acquired by Walt Disney last year who knows what the future holds for the Marvel comics and this movie franchise!


Ridley Scotts Robin Hood debuts later this year with his prize Gladiator Russell Crowe in the leading role and Cate Blanchett as Maid Marrion. Im sure this will be much better then the 1991 Americanised version with Kevin Costner which was really crap when you watch it back today with the only Saving grace being a solid performance from Alan Rickman as the sheriff of Nottingham. Lets hope they keep Bryan Adams away from the soundtrack and the American accents to a minimum!

The A-Team has been announced for a 2010 release but not much information has been released on the project as of yet. However I can confirm that the cast is as follows
Hannibal Smith: Liam Neeson
Face: Brad Cooper
Murdock: Sharlto Copley
BA Buraccus: Quinton Rampage Jackson
The story is pretty much the same as the 1980s blockbustin series but instead of being nam vets they are gulf war ones on the run.

The Karate Kid remake looks utter pants! The Karate Kid looks like snoop doggs unwanted stepson (who is actually Will Smiths actual son!) the baddies have nothing on the Cobra Khai and Jackie Chan is an awful and obvious pick for the Mr Miagi role. By the looks of things Jaden smith has inherited his fathers ability to kill a blockbuster! Lets face it Ali, Independance day and I am legend would have all been much better pictures if the prince of fresh air wasnt in them! I really hope this does terrible at the box office! I almost have as much contempt for this project as I do for Rocky V and i fucking hate that movie! Mind you in all fairness I thought the original Karate kid was a pussyhole! Anyone who goes to their high school prom dressed as a shower curtain deserves a can of whoop ass! I wanna make the directors cut where Daniel gets chopped to death and Mr Miagi just laughs because he never knew Karate and it was all just a cruel joke by an old man who works in a silly tree shop!


Toy Story Makes a welcome return to the screens in Toy story 3 which is also gunna be on IMAX which rules! The gang return as Andy is grown up and on his way to college the toys get donated to a local pre school where they must escape or be eaten alive by toddlers.

The Expendables
The ultimate action movie directed by and starring Sylvester Stallone the Expendables hits our screens this year also. A solid cast featuring Steve Austin, Randy Couture, Mickey Rouke, Jason Statham to name a few has some hype to live up to. Based on the trailer though the jury is stillout as far as I'm concerned.

A ROBOCOP remake as well as Robert Rodriguez's Predators, another meet the parents movie, a third ghostbusters movie, a 4th shrek and the production of a new bruce lee bio in the works 2010 looks big!