6 Apr 2010


After seeing the remake last night I came away with mixed thoughts. I thought the new movie was pretty kick ass and had a lot more depth then the original in terms of explaining how Zeus ended up banging Perseus's mum and on mans rise against the gods. However I was walking into the cinema with the mindset that this is gunna be a big blockbuster movie about greek mythology and nothing to do with the original masterpiece.
SO WHATS DIFFERENT? The love story element was taken out, the Owl makes a cameo in which its thrown away like a piece of junk which pissed me off, there was no cape, no helmet of invisibility, Pegasus is pretty much non existent until the closing finale scene and the statue head scene which I was looking foward to seeing in CGI was gone and replaced with a scene resembling something out of Beuwolf. Another thing also is the cool destruction of Argos scene has been replaced by loads of silly winged bat people flying around.
OK so if you get round all that its not to bad, the special effects are top notch with mega Scorpions (which the good guys use as transport later in the movie which i thought was weird) the underworld looks pretty awesome and Medusa glides around a lot smoother. I see the other day that NECA have got the toy license for the franchise which then made me think how badass the original line from Mattel was
The set was pretty cool but was a bit strange in the fact that only four figures were made as if Mattel were somewhat reluctant in putting to much attention for a figure line for a blockbuster summer movie.
The main man Perseus has a good likeness and comes with a standard sword and shield that the rest have. Mattel forgot to put the accessories in with this one I think because the shield and the helmet are not here.
The winged horse Pegasus came boxed with a Perseus action figure and was a pretty cool model. End of the day it was a horse with wings that didn't move so that's all i can say on that really.
Calibos looks a bit shit to be honest looks like it was made in 10 minutes with no attention to detail. However though kids at the time didnt give a fuck because no action figures back then looked like any one they were supposed to. If you look at the Star Wars toys from back then Luke Skywalker had yellow hair and a yellow stick to follow.
Charon the ferryman was a badass action figure. I used to use mine as a grim reaper who would keep nicking my dead Gi Joes. Its wierd that they made this figure when the character isnt in the film for longer than 3 minutes I swear. Whats even more stranger is that Medusa was never made instead or a badass Mount Olympus playset with the gods or something as well.
Thallo the soldier was made instead of Princess Andromida because Mattel thought boys wouldn't want a girl action figure with a Kraken play set over a standard action figure. Well I've got news for Mattel YOU FUCKED UP!
Mattel did make the Kraken and he is so bad ass just look at him! However with no Princess for him to kill/rape of whatever and no Medusa's head to beat him......... whats the fucking point! Mattel proper fucked up on this franchise big time! With only one titan, four figures (two of which side characters) and Pegasus this is somewhat of a disaster when you look at it.
For such a mahoosive toy company and amazing film to have a toy series which has toys missing really upset me as a child because I love this movie so much.
Recently I found a catalog online from 1980 advertising playsets and accessories which were never made but the prototypes where advertised.
Seeing this pisses me off even more when you see the potential this line could have had! In this post I have slagged the shit out of Mattel but its because I like this shit and I wish they would have made more of it instead of a few figures and one monster. You can pick this shit up on ebay for ridiculous amounts now days!