10 Jul 2011


Classic video nasty which is quite rare for many of those titles as they were nasty as in... well shit. Lucio Fulci who brought us the most decent of the bunch (Zombie Flesh Eaters, The Beyond, House by the Cemetery and The City of the Living Dead) brings us the New York Ripper. A horror/murder mystery which actually grabs your attention and is really worth a watch. Lots of gore including wine bottles shovled where they dont belong, razor bladings, duck impressions, gore, a scene where a man buys gay porn for no absolute reason to the story, gore and another odd scene where an hispanic man sholves his big toe into some chicks camel toe (again for no reason or connection to the main story what so ever0
"just like high school ay pretty lady!"
and some more gore. Awesome capture of New York in the 80's and really not a bad film if your into that kinda shit check it out!