30 Sep 2011


Anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge wrestling fan and always have been. I have followed it for 90% of my life and still do to this day. Over the past few years the product has sagged a little (kinda like it did during the mid 90s) where everything just ticked over and nothing ground breaking has been going on and theres no one for a guy like me to really mark out for. And then came CM Punk who came along and changed everything and turned the wrestling world upside down within a few months from being lumbered with the failed nexus to becoming the voice of the voiceless and the most over guy in the business at the moment. July's money in the bank ppv was absolutely awesome and was the first time in a long time that I actually felt satisfied with a WWE show and not pissed off/ripped off so thats where I will begin with my list of WWE events that must own in your library. This article is just a matter of my own opinion as I collect tapes/dvds plus I want to rant and also to serve as a guide for you if your a new collector of what to buy. It is in no particular order. I will also be doing a list of wrestling videos you should avoid like you would an aids infested potential sex partner.

Easily the best event the company has done in years. Two great money in the bank ladder matches with Daniel Bryan winning one and Al Berto Del Rio winning the other and not to mention the awesome CM Punk vs John Cena match which was CM Punks "last" match with the WWE where he stole the title in his home town. The home town response is one of the most emotional moments I have seen for a long while, not to mention the match it self is a gooden. As always theres a Mark Henry and a divas match to stink up the show a bit but hey thank god for piss breaks and the skip button.

Summerslam 1997 is a show from a time when WWF where getting their asses handed to them by WCW and for the love of god I couldnt understand why at the time. Why anyone would have rather have tuned into a load of old guys that wernt over anymore pretending they were teenagers again over Steve Austin, Mick Foley, Undertaker and Shawn Michaels has always been something that puzzled me. WCW had a really solid midcard but other than that their Roddy Piper vs Hogan main events stunk to high hell and was only mildy entertaining back in 1985 when even then when they were over. The WWF product from late 1996 all the way through to 1997 was far more superior I always thought and Summerslam 1997 was proof. The show opens with an awesome Mankind vs Triple H old school blue steel cage match, Brian Pillman in a dress, Ken Shamrock spanks ref after ref, Owen nearly broke Steve Austins neck and the main event of Bret Hart vs Undertaker with HBK as the referee is an awesome match with a brilliant finish which led up to the feud of Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels and them matches where some of the greatest of all time.

Summerslam 2002
If Shawn Michaels returning after 4 years absence to have one of the best matches of his career against best buddy turned arch nemesis Triple H isnt enough than I dont know what is. Plus we get to see the first main event spot for Brock Lesnar, Rey Rey vs Kurt Angle, RVD vs Benoit, Jericho vs Flair and a few more matches that were decent which for the life of me I cant remember at this time as I havent dug this one out for a while. This is one is a pretty solid one from start to finish and deserves a place in any wrestling collection.

ECW one night stand isnt just a must for ECW fans but any fan of wrestling in general. In 2005 for one night only WWE put on an ECW ppv which was the real ECW and let heyman and the boys go at it one last time at the hammerstien ballroom. It doesn't disappoint in terms of matches or side entertainment. Lets see Lance Storm vs Chris jericho, Eddie vs Benoit, Rey Mysterio vs Pyscosis, Sabu vs Rhyno, Tanaka vs Mike awesome (which my i add is one of the most brutal and well done matches you will ever see) and Sandman and Tommy Dreamer vs the Dudleys. Its a show full of pleasant surprises and with appearances from Steve Austin, Mick Foley, Rv
VD, the heel WWE locker room, Eric Bishoff, Tazz and so many more this is essential to any wrestling library!

Im not going to bullshit you but Wrestlemania III isnt a great show action wise. The main event is poor and the only saving grace is the Savage Steamboat intercontinental title bout but no wrestling collection is complete without this one. I must also stress that if you are going to start a serious collection you must own all the Wrestlemanias as its just standard really. Although more of them are bad then good some are soo bad that it makes them good if it makes sense. I mean where else can you watch Jim Ross in a toga, Little Richard badly mime america the beautiful and Butterbean knock out Bart Gun?

I have a soft spot for this one as I was an 8 year old kid who attended this event. It was at Wembley Stadium England and is the biggest attendance for a WWE event unless you want to believe that Wrestlemania 3 had 93000 plus people and no one had ever body slammed Andre the Giant before! This was the event where the Road Warriors came to the ring on the Harleys, Warrior took on Savage again and Bulldog pinned Bret in front of his home town in an epic intercontinental title main event. As like any show back then tho the midcard is very gimmicky with matches from nails and Papa Shango and an awful Nasty Boys Bush Wackers match to kick off the show which yet again the fast forward button comes in handy for.

In Your House Badd Blood
This tape has one of the greatest matches of all time the first ever hell in a cell Undertaker vs Shawn michaels. The build up to this was done so well and the main event like I just said is one of the greatest matches of all time with an amazing finish. I firmly believe that this event was a big kick start to the attitude era and with the perfectly done done debut of Kane at the conclusion this was an amazing late goal by the WWF against WCW. the mid card on this is ok I guess your just being fluffed up for whats in store in the main event.

Wrestlemania 7 is one of the most underated and looked past shows in wrestling and I personally believe its one of the best Wrestlemanias ever. 1991 was the height of my childhood obsession with the product and its a time I get nostalgic about the most. The Hogan Slaughter main event is a great match and tells an awesome story, Savage vs Warrior is also a great match which reunites Savage and Liz at the conclusion is one of the most dramatic heart warming moments in wrestling history and now they are both dead it makes it that little bit more special. Undertakers streak begins, the Rockers are in full swing, the Legion of Doom have arrived and there are soo many other matches that make this a must have in my book.

Stone Cold Steve Austin wins the king of the ring and cuts one of the greatest promos of all time and the Austin 3:16 era is born. Thats all you need to know

The Undertaker puts the nail in Hulkamanias coffin. This was my favorite period of the Undertaker he was such a big heel and played it so well the guy was on par with Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers the way he would sell big moves and then slowly rise up like the Terminator. All in all its a good show using the elimination tag formula which I really miss about the survivor series. Plus theres an awesome Jake Roberts promo where he is wearing a knitted christmas jumper.

The era of Austin peaks, Kane vs The Undertaker with Kane being the first real legitimate threat to the undertakers streak after a six month story line which went so well which when you think about it could have ended up being pure wrestlecrap so I give Kane props for that as he played the role of the Undertakers evil brother so well in and out of the ring. An awesome dumpster match with Cactus jack and Terry funk vs the Outlaws, Owen vs Triple H, The Rock vs Shamrock when the Rock was heeling like hell, Taka Mitchinoku vs Aquila which is a pretty decent match to be fair and the show kicks off with a Road Warriors pop. One of my favorite manias of all time plus Mike Tyson what more could you want from the grandaddy of em all?

This is probably my favorite Royal Rumble match of all time. The vacant WWF belt is up for grabs for who ever wins the rumble and with Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Ric Flair, The Undertaker, Sid Justice, Jake Roberts, Roddy Piper, Million Dollar Man Ted Dibease, Shawn Michaels and more legends than you can belive this one is anyones. Ric Flair outlasts everyone and is victorious and leaves Hogan crying and moaning at the end for all the marbles so in one word its just plain WOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Maywether vs Big show is awesome and is pure mark out materiel straight out of Rocky III. Edge vs Taker is awesome, CM Punks first MITB win which is an awesoe match where john morrison and shelton benjamin pretty much try killing them selves with ladders and Ric Flairs WWE swan song vs Shawn Michaels is amazing match and this is one of the best events of the last five years and deserves a place in any collection.

Arguebly the greatest WWF show of all time with Austin vs Rock in the main event which is their best match of their feud which is top face vs top face wrestlemania 6 style only for Austin to heel at the end in one of the most dramatic moments in wrestling history. The gimmick battle royal which the shiek apparantly won due to the fact he wasnt able to bump over the ropes. An amazing TLC match, Benoit vs Angle, Undertaker vs Triple H which is a pure war and a pretty solid mid card. This one is a must and if you can grab a copy with the WWF logo instead of WWE for under £100 you will be lucky as for some reason its very rare.

The Highway to Hell Summerslam build up montage with Stone Cold and the Undertaker got me into AC/DC. Anyway this was one was building for some time Stone Cold vs the Undertaker and it did not disappoint with this being the best match in my opinion of Austins first reign with the strap. Undertaker does a leg drop from the top turnbuckle through Austin on an announce table and Austin feeds the Taker with his first clean loss of his career (as anyone who beat the Undertaker before had to cheat in some way shape or form). Apart from this Triple H and The Rock give us a damn good ladder match for the IC title and the midcard is pretty average which has a lions den match which is a bit weird, a mixed tag match where Sable has to put some work in for once, Jeff Jarrett gets his hair cut and Mankind gets beat up in a dumpster by his now ex best buddy Kane. The main event and IC title match are what makes this a must have.

This one I'm not gunna lie, the midcard is average just like most manias to be fair, theres about 20 minutes of your life you wont get back unless you fast forward the random and pointless performances from Saliva and Drowning pool, theres a decent bout with Stone Cold vs Scott Hall, Van dam vs Regal is good, DDP vs Christian is mildly fun at the most and the main event match with Jericho and Triple H... well lets face it we all knew what was coming and well Triple H as a face is yawn. The main and pretty much only reason to own this is Hollywood Hogan vs The Rock which is probably one of the greatest matches in the history of Wrestlemania. It wasnt a skilled technical masterpiece no but it was an amazing story of the clashing of generations told by two of the biggest draws in the history of the business. When the fans go from 50/50 to a 100 for Hogan it still sends goosebumps even 9 years later.

This one may be contraversial for many readers but as this is my page I can do what I want. Wrestlemania VIII is one of my favorite ppvs ever. The reason being I it was the first one I watched live and I have a soft spot for it. Originally it was meant to be Hogan vs Flair in the main event and they even done a press conference for the event (where Sid is wearing a funny track suit) where Hogan was named the number one contender. I may be wrong but maybe something to do with the steroids trial may have explained the card change and Hogans swift departure after this event. Flair had been baiting Hogan from the August of 1991 with the real worlds champion angle, cost him the belt at survivor series and then ended up winning it in the rumble. After almost a year of building this up and it never happening always made me feel a bit robbed as it was an awesome feud with no closure. Flair and Hogan did lock up at Bash of the Beach 1994 but it was too little too late as no one including me gave a fuck about WCW in 1994.
Anyway with all that said the event still turned out to be something I really did and still enjoy. The opening bout with Tito Santana (who had recently decided to forfill his life long dream of becoming a bull fighter on the side and become el matador which also means "killer" in spanish. Matador de toros means killer of bulls and torero means bullfighter but I'm sure if anyone tried telling Vince that he would fire them or give them a gimmick of a toilet inspector) took on the recently heel turned sexy boy Shawn Michaels with his main squeeze sensational sherri is an awesome way to kick things off. The Road warriors come out with Paul Ellering and cut one of the best promos ever with one of the biggest pops ever. Bret Hart vs Roddy Piper is a five star encounter with a great juice job and finish. Ric Flair vs Savage is just pure greatness and yet again Randy Savage has to play second fiddle to the Hulkster even though his match is the title match and he is ten times the wrestler the hulkster is! The Undertaker kills Jake Roberts in Jakes last match in the WWF for 4 years in a decent bout with a tombstone on the outside to put the final nail in the snake mans coffin. Theres lots of fillers in the midcard as the event builds up to the second half of the double main event which is Hulk Hogan vs Sid justice which is Hogans "last match" and in all its glory it is a pure clusterfuck. As an 8 year kid though I didnt notice and still loved it. The build up was immense and Sids promos on the Hulkster are some of the best/funniest things ever. I still have fond memories of Sid standing in the barber shop with shaving foam all over his face losing his shit it was pure gold. Papa Shango misses his cue to interfere and Sid kicks out of Hogans leg drop and then my favorite mania moment happens... THE RETURN OF THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR!! as an 8 year kid I lost my shit as my favorite face painted, tassle wearing, roid taking shouter of nonsense had returned and all was well again in the world of wrestling... well for six months or so anyway before he fucked off again and started wearing funny muscle suits that made him look naked. Another reason I love this PPV is the bobby heenan commentary with the gorrilla its pure class with heenan marking out for flair at any given moment he can. This is a must from me but I can see why others wouldnt agree I just love this one for personal reasons

If the 60 plus minutes showcasing the amazing skills of both Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels isnt enough then theres always Roddy Piper kicking Goldusts ass across the state, Triple H's most humiliating moment at the hands of the Warrior (this is another personal fav of mine) and theres Undertaker vs Diesel which is a good outing for both.

Hell in a Cell 2 with Undertaker and Mankind stands out as one of the most jaw dropping moments of anything I have watched live. Mick Foley flew off the top of the cage through the announce table in a moment which the world stood still and wondered "is he dead??". Now when I watch it I just hear the ca-ching of a cash register when foley crashes through the tables and every other big bump he did in that match. If you havent seen it then you need to and if you have theres no point me explaining how both guys not just Mick Foley put their bodies through pure hell in a match which should have been stopped at least five times. One of my favorite memories is when Foley is on the stretcher and he gets off it looks at the cage and smiles. That day Foley was god.
The main event was Austin vs Kane in the first ever first blood match in which Kane said he would set him self on fire if he lost (in which to my disappointment he won and I somewhat felt robbed as a 14 yr old boy as I had never seen human combustion live on sky sports before!) there was adecent King of the Ring tournament with Ken Shamrock and the Rock in the final. At this point the Rock was on fire as a heel as everyone hated him so much as a face and as a heel you just wanted to punch him in the face even if he was really funny. The Miz doesent have that appeal I just want to punch him in the face because he is a cunt! There are some filler matches on this card with Al Snow and others but the main reason to get this is to watch the Mick Foley stunt show.
No matter what your opinion is of Chris Benoit no one can deny that the triple threat match with him, shawn and the game at Wrestlemania XX was one of the greatest matches of all time. It had everything the action, the drama, the excitement, the highflying and blood and sweat that a mania main event of this caliber needs. Its a shame that now it will be cast off and put to the back after what happened in reality with the whole Chris Benoit thing which is a fucking shame.
The midcard has an amazing match with John Cena and the Big Show and Cena is so over at this point its unreal. I think what happened with Cena was also a shame if they would have let him grow at the pace he was going at that point things would have been fine the fact he got rammed down our throats soo much made the fans ultimately reject him.
The Undertaker returns as the dead man with one of the best entrances ever with a decent match with Kane but nothing different from their outing 6 years before.
Eddie vs Angle is a decent match with a good finish, The Rock and Mick Foley vs Evolution is a decent encounter but I will always be puzzled as to why it was a handicap match? Brock vs Goldberg was one of the most disappointing moments of all time and theres a battle royal and Christian vs Jericho in a decent bout. I felt like this ppv was the funeral of good wrestling and everything after this went to pure bullshit!

Royal Rumble 2001 is awesome! Austin came back with fury after taking a year off with a bad neck to win one the best rumble for the thrid time. Angle vs the game for the strap and Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit in a ladder match for the intercontinental belt is just pure greatness. Best ladder match ever with an awesome lion tamer on the top of the ladder.
Wrestlemania X didnt live up to the hype and theres loads of Wrestlecrap floating about like fake Bill Clintons, Little Richard miming america the beautiful, Men on a mission in a tag team title encounter, Johnny Polo, and midget clowns. If it wasnt for the fact that Owen Hart (the better of the Hart brothers in my opinion) goes over his brother Bret (who I have had a hate campaign for since 1992) and Shawn Michaels and the bad guy have an awesome ladder match  with a great finish I wouldnt touch it. The fact them two matches are on this tape makes it worth buying but only for them two matches.

Honorable mentions
So I am at the end of my list now and as I said at the beginning of this article this list is just on my recommendation I'm sure some people may disagree with some of the inductions but I dont care its my page and if you feel so strongly go make your own! Here are some honorable mentions that didnt quite make the list 

Wrestlemania 13 has one of the greatest matches of all time with Steve Austin vs Bret Hart but thats the only decent thing about it apart from maybe the chicago street fight. 

Perfect and Bret Hart have one of the best intercontinental title matches of all time, LOD bag the tag team belts and the Warrior and Hogan have a decent outing with Sgt Slaughter and his cheap heat. The whole thing goes to shit when the rest of the show is Randy and Elizabeth get married and we get to watch as the ring gets dismantled and turned into an altar. Completely fucks the whole thing wrestling fans want to see violence not weddings especially ones that go without incident. The wedding gets crashed in the end but only on a collosium home video exclusive of the after party where Jake Roberts puts a cobra in Elizabeths face while undertaker bonks Savage over the head with an urn. They should have done this at the arena instead would have been soo much better!

This is a fun ppv to watch and if your a fan of the Undertaker then I recommend you buy this to see him debut but thats about the only reason... oh yeah and the gobbledy gooker!