17 Oct 2011


With Christmas coming up I started looking round for things I want that are far more interesting than socks, pants and other shit that people have started buying me that I never wanted. I feel since I stopped playing with toys and become an adult Christmas has become a bit of an anti climax and the only way to power through it is with lots of booze. Or by asking for stuff that I actually want that reminds me of my childhood (a time when I was happy and a lot less bitter about the entire world in general) and nothing reminds of that time more than the Ghostbusters. Truth be told the second movie is my favorite as a kid and still is now. I could go into detail why I love it so much but I really cant be bothered to. Anyway some toy company has made one of these and even though I am off loading lots of my old junk at the moment I still really want this.. so Santa if your reading; Your a fat beardy cunt for not getting me that turtles sewer in 1991 but all will be forgotten if you get this for me instead. Regards Kristian