2 Nov 2011


I havent looked forward to a game coming out as much as this since... well the last grand theft auto. I am the biggest GTA fan going (self confessed) and have every single title ever made (well except the ds one as I dont own a ds) from the first birds eye view one from 1997 to the ballad of gay tony. I love the freedom these games give you to go round and do as you please in virtual city of sin. When they arrived on the PS2 and became 3d it was one of the best things ever in gaming history. How much they evolved in that decade was nothing short of phenomenal from casting, soundtrack graphics and gameplay the series became my personal favorite franchise in gaming history.

GTA has got a bad rap over the years and has been blamed for making kids worse in our all ready broken society. The truth is the game has an 18 certificate on it and is designed for adults and maybe if kids were in doors playing GTA instead of hanging round the streets on a Friday night maybe they wouldnt be more likely to commit crime.

I have always found the game is a good way of releasing tension in the same kind of way a punch bag is. After a hard day at the office with all that anger and frustration there is nothing more relaxing than killing an untold amount of people in a virtual playground with no consequence. Killing hookers is also a good way to relax also I try to get as many as I can before the sun rises as some sort of challenge. If Peter Succliffe had GTA IV I'm sure Yorkshire would have been a much safer place!

When GTA IV brought out the multiplayer free mode that was an awesome land mark for me. I enjoy it more than COD or any over online game and I have been playing it for over 3 years now and I still enjoy it. If your one of them people who goes round saying "its shit" you obviously are a twat and are pretty rubbish at life generally.

GTA V the trailer is here I have waited 2 years and here it is