11 Nov 2011


After hearing lots of hype about this movie that its some fucked up shit I gave it a go this evening. Its not a bad effort for a new horror movie but its kind of like a mix between Paranormal Activity, The Exorcist, Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors, Poltergeist and Amityville Horror. 

The movie is about a family whos young boy goes into a coma and strange shit starts to happen with ghosts and demons around the house. After moving house and still shits going on they get the help from the paranormal team which includes two science nerds and an old woman with a gas mask (who turns out to be the evil mother from Detroit Rock City and the filthy landlady from kingpin) and they have a seance to bring the kid back. It turns out the kid has been travelling to fucked up dimensions in his sleep and is a prime target for possession by a demon which looks like a poor Darth Maul. 

There is hope as the kids Dad turns out to have the same power but he blocked it out until this point, so now with his regained power he can delve into the evil dimension and save his son while under hypnosis. I am not going to do any spoilers here I am just telling you what the movie is about and what its like.

Its not bad to watch and has some decent scares. The make up and ghosts look cool and the budget was used well. The atmosphere is pretty spot on as well with creepy shit going on with baby monitors and stuff like that but I do feel the movie is lacking somewhat. I preferred the demon in in the Paranormal Activity movie because it had the Jaws factor of not seeing it made it scarier and leaving it to the imagination is one of the best things to do. When the Demon appears in this movie it is pretty laughable its the most cliche Demon devil and kinda makes it all lose momentum considering all the other ghosts in this movie look pretty terrifying especially the old woman ghost. Also I dunno if I missed something but did they leave the baby and the other kid in the old house when they moved because you never see them ever again?

All in all its a good watch but not as ground breaking for the new decade of horror as it had been hyped to be 7/10