15 Jan 2012


At the beginning of the 1990s the LA Gear trainers were cool as fuck. Everybody had them and everybody remembers them. Although they were a must have item they fizzled out just as fast as they flew off the shelves and within a matter of months kids would not be seen dead in them.

I had the misfortune of owning a pair of LA Gears but not just any pair... the Michael Jackson pair! With Moonwalker still being fresh a pair of LA Gear trainers were released to cash in.

They looked like something a dominatrix should be wearing and not a seven year old boy but maybe that was Jacksons sick dream to have little boys all over the globe covered in studs and black leather. They were the most hideous trainers ever and if you kicked a football with these you would more than likely make it explode.

Not only did LA Gears go out of fashion but it emerged that Michael Jackson liked sucking off nine year old boys! Great so not only did I have the most hideous footwear ever known to man but they were also endorsed by the worlds most prolific child molester. All I can say one good thing came out of having these shoes was I learned how to fight because of them because if you didnt you were gunna get a beating every day from the bigger kids with the Air Jordans!

Heres the commercial