12 Feb 2012


Now before I start as this is UK based site I would like to explain the whole 900 number thing first. The 900 numbers were the equivalent  of 0845 or premium rate numbers in the UK and in the 80's and early 90's they were rife. Everyone from sports stars to even Freddy Krueger had one of these complete rip off phone lines where you could call up and listen to a recording for an extortionate amount of money. This was before the internet and television commercials would tell you to call up as there is some information you need in your life on the other side of the line.

Now I have a friend who called a sex line once and fell asleep (as he was very drunk at the time) while getting through and when the bill came in he got his ass whipped. Now imagine if that would have happened to someone while calling the Freddy Krueger 900 number? I think a being locked away in a mental hospital would be the punishment. Plus how do you explain when the phone bill comes in the reasoning behind calling up a horrifically burned child molester? The TV told you to do it? Or you really needed a wank and this is the only thing that gets you off apart from the cats rusty bullet hole?

Thats why "get permission from parents before calling" then came into place. Before that 900 numbers must have made a killing just like Freddy Krueger did. I wonder if Jason or Michael Myers had one? you pay 2 bucks to hear someone breathe down the phone that could have been a winner also!