28 Mar 2012


Yesterday I went shopping and like usual I never stepped foot into one clothes shop (or any other shop for that matter that a normal grown up would use). Whenever I go shopping its to browse the, dvds, video games, comics, guitar equipment, and toy stores just to see what the Transformers and WWE figures are saying.

After recently reading an article in the news about the GAME franchise being on the verge of going under I decided to head down and see what was going on. The article mentioned the stores were going to be doing a massive blow out sale to get rid of the stock so this thrilled me somewhat. However when I got there I couldn't find any bargains. I felt very sorry for the staff who are always very friendly and helpful people, who do not deserve to be made redundant. I was made redundant a few years ago and it wasn't a pleasant experience.

As I was browsing the store I over heard a customer really lashing out at a member of staff because a gift card was no longer valid. Even with all what's going down the guy was still extremely polite (which if that was me I would have probably flipped) and I thought that was very commendable and professional.

As I browsed the games though it was no surprise why this franchise is going down the shitter. I am an Xbox 360 owner and am really into my console gaming. Whenever a game I really really want comes out I will begrudgingly pay the £40 for it. However I think that with todays climate £40 is very steep for a video game. Yeah you do get your moneys worth out of them if it is something you play a lot but in most cases you complete it once and then thats it.

Not many people (especially youngsters) have £40 to spend on a video game. The most I have ever paid for a video game was £50 in April 1998 for Resident Evil 2 and I had to sell my Super Nintendo and my Atari 2600  to some horrid pawn shop in Romford and still only had half the readies. My mum kindly donated the rest of the money because she is a legend.

Anyway enough reminiscing about the day I bought the greatest video game ever. As the new games are all in the £40 price range (even the shit ones) I always browse the second hand games. This is what I think is stupid even the second hand games are £27.99! Thats a fucking joke! Selling second hand games (that they have only paid the previous owner a fraction of the games value) at a similar price as a brand new game is just ridiculous.

The only real bargain I saw was a Pro Evo game from 2008 that was like 50p or something. Don't get me wrong there were games like Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire for like £14 which is pretty good value but anything more recent in the preowned section was £20 or over.

If you are looking in that section you more than likely are not looking to spend that kind of money on a second hand item and why should you? Now there are things like lovefilm.com which send you any game you want in the post for £15 a month then why bother visiting GAME? Amazon is always good with prices and when you reserve a game sometimes they even knock the price down so why bother visiting GAME?

Also the fact you can now download video games via Xbox live and Playstation network, you dont even need to leave your seat. Also the fact that supermarket chains now stock video games must have a big impact on the GAME franchise. The last Xbox game I bought was in fact in Tesco's, as I was food shopping and really wanted a copy of Saints Row The Third so I killed 2 birds with one stone.

I am sad that the GAME stores might be closing for good as it has always been somewhere I go when shopping. I feel very sorry for all the hard working and helpful people that might lose their jobs. With this current economic climate the shops I like to visit are all disappearing one by one. It is getting to the stage where I wont have to visit the mall anymore as there is nothing left for me.

It is amazing to think that such a store could be shutting shop when the gaming industry it self is booming. So what is the reason for GAMES demise? I would say a mixture of their products being over priced in a time when people don't have the money, the evolution of web shopping and the competition of chain supermarkets stocking the same products.

I will miss GAME but I guess its just evolution baby!

26 Mar 2012


So this time next week the grandaddy of them all is going down in Miami Florida. Wrestlemania is bigger to me than Christmas and this year will be the 20th Wrestlemania I have watched live on TV. This years Wrestlemania looks to be one for the record books and will be a huge improvement from last years clusterfuck which almost stopped me from watching WWE completely.

However since then things have improved and I have every confidence that the sport of wrestling (which I love more than any other sport) will return to its former glory with all the amazing talent that are on the up, so to speak.

Today I will give my thoughts and picks of all the Wrestlemania matches apart from the divas match that has that famous bitch involved and lets face it, who gives a shit about that match. They should have booked Karma (Awesome Kong) against Beth Phoenix in a match that would make the Divas title mean something. Until the WWE starts taking this division seriously there is no chance in hell that I ever will.

So lets go from the bottom of the card with this one

This one is just a cheeky way of getting more guys on the card. The whole general manager thing is something  which really needs burying for good. If I never saw Teddy Long or Johnny Ace on my TV again I really would not care and I am sure there are millions of people that agree. To much TV time has been wasted on Johnny Ace and the whole evil executive gimmick. After the Attitude era of the WWE, fans have seen every kind of screwjob, robbery and douchebag abuse of power act under the sun. More TV time should be allocated to having good matches and feuds, not power struggles which no one really gives a fuck about. Just look at this one as something to beef the card up and giving more of the boys a Wrestlemania match. I dont care enough about this match to even pick a winner.

This should be a great action packed match for the undercard. This is a tough one to pick as Randy Orton is on a real role and has been for a long time. While Orton has always been a fantastic performer I think it was a matter of too much too soon. He won his first world title at a very young age at Summerslam 2004 against Chris Benoit and I think it was something he wasn't quite ready for. Randy Orton has always had the "it" factor but I think it has been a struggle to embellish that "it" factor. Randy Orton just gets better and better and I really do believe he is on the verge of nailing it and really becoming the performer he wants to be. Remember Steve Austin took six and a half years to find and embellish his "it" factor and he became the biggest star in WWE history. 

Kane is another fantastic performer, but has always been on a long cycle telling the same story again and again. When Glenn Jacobs first debuted as the big red machine he plowed through the entire company until he was beaten by the Undertaker at Wrestlemania XIV. After a one day title reign in 1998 Kane then drifted into the mid card. This cycle would repeat it self even to this day where the Kane character is given a make over, comes back strong, is beaten and then flounders once again on the mid card. 

If Kane loses to Orton at Wrestlemania the question will be, what is next for the big red monster? Kane needs this win more than Orton does. If Kane loses this match his latest run will go down as being a massive artistic failure for the character, who at one point was the biggest heel in the company, and was key player in helping the WWE win the Monday Night Wars.

It is such a tough one to call but I am going to say Kane to win.

This has been a feud which has really been entertaining over the past few weeks. The video packages each week have been "laugh out loud" funny and Cody Rhodes is a fantastic antagonist. Cody Rhodes is a fantastic talent and he has made the Intercontinental title actually mean something. I hope he retains this belt and has a fantastic run with it. I would love for him to hold it longer than Honky Tonk just to shut that fat old prick up once and for good!

The one mistake they made with Big Show was not turning him face after Wrestlemania XXIV because he was so over at that point. Also they should use him more as an attraction like they did with Andre, instead of having him on TV every week.

I want Cody to win this one!

This time last year this match was not even televised (yet another fuck up from last years poor Wrestlemania!) and this year the same match will be held for the World title. This will now be the 5th time that a Royal Rumble winner has been in a Wrestlemania mid card match. What is the point of having the Royal Rumble if every year the winner never gets to main event Wrestlemania? Chris Jericho (the man Sheamus eliminated last) gets to face CM Punk which no doubt will be much higher up the card. I personally think that the Elimination Chamber event should be scrapped also.

This will be a fantastic match as these are both brilliant athletes. I  am going to pick Sheamus to win.

I have no doubt in my mind that this one is going to steal the show in the same fashion that Steamboat and Savage did at Wrestlemania III. This is a dream match up, and I have really enjoyed the build up that these 2 guys have been doing on TV each week. 

CM Punk has made the WWE title once again mean something and was the man that made me keep watching the product as I was just about to tune out forever.

Chris Jericho's initial return was something which gained a very mixed reaction. One thing in wrestling (or life in general) that you cant do is recreate history. Chris Jericho's debut in the summer of 1999 was one of the biggest crowd pops ever in WWE history. 2 times since then they have tried to recreate that moment and failed miserably. Although the initial return did not go quite as well as planned Jericho has made up for it with this current feud with CM Punk. Expect to see the best of Chris Jericho on display next Sunday.

I cannot see CM Punk losing the strap anytime soon so I am gunna go with CM Punk for the win.

I was not very thrilled when I found out Triple H was going to be Undertakers opponent for the third time at Wrestlemania. The reason being that even though they had a good match at last years Wrestlemania, when you compare it to the amazing HBK matches from the previous years, and even their first match at Wrestlemania X-Seven it never matched up. With the addition of Hell in a Cell my interest rose and I am now looking forward to this match.

The original reason I was pissed off at Triple H being the guy to face Taker was because I wanted someone younger to have a chance. But when you think about it there is nobody on the roster who could pose a threat to the Undertakers streak apart from... the bosses son in law.

I am a fan of Triple H's ring work and I am not someone who hates on him for marrying his way into wrestling royalty but the one thing I did find annoying was the way he almost ruined CM Punks run last summer. The whole COO angle started out as a good idea but turned into wrestlecrap over night and did nothing positive for anyone involved.

The addition of Shawn Michaels as a referee does not really do anything for this match as far as I am concerned. I am actually fed up of Shawn Michaels taking up TV time with his watered down promos and shitty cowboy hat. I love Shawn Michaels and everything he has done in his carer and I think he is arguably the best in ring performer of all time, so please don't think I am burying the guy. Something I hate is non wrestling talkers and I do not care if it is Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley, Ric Flair, Stone Cold, The Rock or HBK. If you are not there to wrestle and you have officially "retired" then get the fuck off my TV and let the other boys have their fucking turn!

Anyway I am sure this will be a great match and just like every year I will be backing The Undertaker.

Aint no grave gunna hold my buddy down!

So they booked this one a year in advance when the challenge was laid down the night after Wrestlemania XXVII. Maybe the Rock felt guilty for turning up at Mania last year, doing hardly anything and cashing a big fat cheque. I have been on the Cena hate panel since about mid 2005 and here are my reasons

1. The spinner belt
2. Not turning heel
3. Putting over Kevin Federline
4. The fucking spinner belt!!!

John Cena as an athlete and a human being is someone who I have respect for. I was a John Cena fan to begin with and if you watch Wrestlemania XX he was over like rover in MSG which is one of the hardest places to get over. A lot of the reasons people hate him are not really the guys fault and more the people that write and book some of this bullshit. 

John Cena's turbulent relationship with the WWE fans is very much parallel to what happened with the Rock when he was Rocky Maivia in 1996-7. When Rocky was brought in he was a smiling baby face who the fans hated with a passion in the same way that Cena gets abused. At the time the WWE were smart enough to turn him heel and thats how he became the Rock. Cena has been a babyface who has been booed out of the buildings for over 7 years.

However with his feud with the Rock I agree 100% with John Cena. The Rock walked out at Wrestlemania XX with loads of money in the bank and decided he was a movie star now, and wrestling was beneath him. John Cena was they guy who was left to pick up the pieces on Monday night and even though he really wasn't ready yet he still gave it his best shot. 

So the Rock worked a match at Survivor Series and now he is going to Wrestlemania next Sunday and win or lose he is going to make an absolute fortune. If the Rock leaves again the night after and is never to be seen again then they should change "team bring it" to "team cash it"!

I hope the Rock does stick around after the Wrestlemania payoff as he has plenty more years in him and can still wrestle. 

My prediction for this match... it is a tough one but I want Cena to win and turn heel. It makes all the sense in the world!
The Hall of Fame is something I really look forward to and enjoy every year. I love watching the emotional speeches and I think it is such a nice thing to for people that have worked in business which has almost zero perks once your out of it. Mike Tyson is the first celebrity inductee I have agreed with because without Mike turning up in 1998 and making the WWE relevant again god knows what could have happened. I am looking forward to watching all the inductions but I just have one thing to moan about. 

The fact guys like Randy Savage and Jake Roberts get snubbed each year makes me fucking sick. The only way the people on the internet will stop talking about the whole Savage and Stephanie affair, is if they induct him and show there really is no hard feelings. Excluding one of the greatest stars of all time (especially when you still use his image to sell action figures and video games) is quite a sad thing to do. There might be time this week to still induct one of these guys (plus a think Mick Foley deserves to be inducted) so I hope they do the right thing for once. 

Any way guys I hope you enjoy Wrestlemania as much as I am going to!

24 Mar 2012


This is something I have not done in a long time (actually not since the first post I did in 2009), so today I will do another round up of my thoughts. I will be giving you a write up about some of the upcoming 2012 movies, that I find interesting along with the trailers. So here goes,

So the cast of the original American Pie movie are all reunited after 13 years after the original movies release. I cannot believe that the first movie was that long ago, as it only seems like 5 years ago I saw that movie in the Romford Odean (click here to read about this cinema in past article).  The sequels after the first one took a nose dive in the same fashion that the Saved by the Bell New Class did. I am sure it will be something which is acceptable to sit through, but I highly doubt it will have the same magic of the first movie.

I did not mind the new Clash of the Titans movie (for my review click here) but it is not something I have ever had the urge to give a second watch. I am all for movies about, gladiators, Greek mythology, Spartans, and killing trolls but when you play Marilyn Manson in the background of the debut trailer.. your gunna really fuck me off. What the fuck has Marilyn Manson's cover of sweet dreams got to do with anything? Just for that reason I will not be going to see this movie!

This is one movie I am very curious about and what the final end result will be. I have heard lots of different things already about this film and its connection to Ridley Scotts original Alien movie. I have heard that this movie is a prequel, that it is not a prequel but takes place in the same universe as Aliens, and that this movie is not a prequel and is totally unconnected. The trailer looks very exciting and interesting and will definitely be some I buy a ticket to watch. One thing to bear in mind is that Ridley Scott is very hit and miss, but when he hits he hits a home run and I hope on this occasion he hits it.

This will more than likely be the biggest movie of the summer and the final part of the epic trilogy of Christopher Nolans Batman. The one thing I am getting ready for is disappointment, but not because of a lack of faith in this particular movie, but because of history. The reason I say this is because there has NEVER been successful third movie when it comes to comic franchises. Now yes the sequels always do well in the box office but in the heart of the true movie lovers and comic fans, it all goes downhill after the second.
Now lets see, Tim Burtons Batman was a great movie and the fans wanted more so we got Batman Returns, which was great and then Batman Forever.. Now I saw Batman Forever twice at the cinema during the summer of 1995 and enjoyed it but when you compare it to the first 2 it doesn't match up.
OK then the original Superman movie was an artistic and financial success so then they released Superman II which was even better. Superman III... the movie goes all slapstick because some one thought it would be a great idea to cast Richard Pryor because he is funny. Now I dont hate Richard Pryor in fact I am a fan but Superman III sucked. 
Now on to the Sam Raimi Spider Man movies. The first one was enjoyable even though it differs a lot from the comics, but it was a good movie so we let it slip. The second movie was fantastic, and the third... biggest pile of dog shit ever.
So after that brief history lesson you can see my point of why I am not getting my hopes up. After so many years of fuck ups on the third installment of super hero movies, you must see my point. However I will go to the cinema and watch this and I hope and pray it is as great or if not even greater than the last 2. I have tried my best to stay away from any spoilers or forums as I want to watch this film without any surprises ruined. Some people have already downloaded and read the scripts of this movie and some people even went to the length of going to the cinema recently to watch 5 minutes of this film. To be fair that is a pretty pointless thing to do when you think about it. Loads of people went to go see the new Harry Potter movie just because it had the debut of the new Batman trailer and walked out after it finished. That shit is just fucked up. Here is the trailer

So Spider Man is being given the reboot this summer and from what I have seen so far so good. So we just wipe our mouths and just pretend the last Spider Man movie never happened (which is a nice thing to) and start fresh. From what I can gather this movie is going with the story line of Peter Parker's parents becoming S.H.I.E.LD agents and leaving him with Uncle Ben and Aunt May. The tragic Gwen Stacy will be Parkers love interest for this movie (which was a subject that pissed the fans off about the last Spidey movies) and the Lizard looks to be the main antagonist. Have only seen the trailer so far and I am hoping to not see anything else until I actually go and see this movie. Looking forward to it.

Now the first movie was good and I enjoyed it. It wasn't as great as I had expected it to be, but with a cast line up like that it was never going to live up to anyones expectations. I went to see the first film on the opening night, and being a fan of big explosions, guns and fighting I really enjoyed it. The second movie is released this upcoming summer minus Mickey Rourke and Stone Cold Steve Austin. However Chuck Norris and Van Dam have been added for what should be a good, fun, and action packed movie.

This is the one I am looking forward to the most this summer. Being the comic fanboy that I am when I first heard about this being announced a few years ago at a comic convention I lost my shit. Unfortunately Ed Norton has not reprised his role of Bruce Banner (in which he done a great job in the Incredible Hulk from 2008) due to money negotiations or something. How ever I have always cared more about Bruce's muscle bound, green alter ego than the doctor himself. This movie will be either one of the greatest comic movies ever made or will be the biggest flop in the universe. Either way I will be there on the opening night.

16 Mar 2012


As todays date is 3:16 today is officially Stone Cold day! 


The 1990's really was the golden age of the kids TV channel Nickelodeon. With shows like Clarrissa explains it all, Rugrats,  Kenan and Kel, Sister Sister, Ren and Stimpy, Arghh Real Monsters and so many more great shows which would take forever to list, it is pretty safe to say that Nickelodeon kicked ass. One of my favorite shows was The Adventures of Pete and Pete.

The show was about two brothers who had the same name and who both had the misfortune of being ginger. Older Pete was a normal kinda teenage guy and younger Pete was a badass who had a tattoo of woman (Petunia) on his forearm which danced when he moved his arm. The boys mother was called Joyce and she had a metal plate in her head which could pick up radio signals and their father was called Don who was obsessed with the upkeep of his front lawn.

The couple met when Don was using his metal detector and it picked up a strong signal from Joyce's skull and the rest was history.

The show had a superhero called Artie who was the strongest man in the universe, even though he was just a really skinny guy with glasses. Older Pete had a friend called Ellen who was kind of a mix between a friend and a romantic attraction, who was obsessed with amateur greco roman wrestling. Older Pete had an arch nemesis called Endless Mike who was named endless due to the fact he had to repeat the same year at school every year.

There were lots of other characters floating around in the weird and wonderful kids TV show which escape me at this time. The show had a very cool and surreal feel to it with the absurd story lines, over the top characters, and wonderful use of color, Pete and Pete is a show that really makes me feel I am right back in 1994 whenever I look it up on youtube. The show ran from 1993 to 1996 and had a nice three year run with about 30 episodes a season.

As a kid I loved the show and found it very entertaining and cool but I always was a bit confused about all the stuff that was going on, as the writers of the show threw the rule book out of the window and made a world where pretty much anything was possible. However many years later as an adult I got mega stoned one night and put the show on and everything made perfect sense, which made me think was this show aimed for stoners as well as kids? Ren and Stimpy was a cartoon for adults which was censored and put on the same channel around this time also. Thing is with smoking weed you find hidden meaning in everything when your on it and then once its wore off you realize your not a genius just a stoner.

The show also had one of the best theme songs ever in my opinion. Watch the video to take a step back to 1994.

14 Mar 2012


So the nights are getting lighter, the weather is getting warmer, and after seeing people wearing shorts recently that means only one thing, summer is just around the corner. Of course there are many things to get of the way first such as spring, the football season and WrestleMania XXVIII.

This year at Lost Entertainment the site will be moving with the seasons from summer, Halloween and right up to Christmas with content related to the season in progress. Confused? then go and smash a toilet lid on your fucking head!


Reviews and articles related to summer like...

So over the next few months until June I will be preparing stuff to write about which is summer related. If there is anything you would like reviewed or included please drop me a line at 

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Now there is no other way to end this other than playing the song which officially starts the road to summer.

12 Mar 2012


So 1990 was a cool year, there was the Italia 90 World Cup, Wrestlemania VI, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were on top form and Pepsi hit a home run with a great marketing pitch that summer.

Now I have always been a fan/mass consumer of soft drinks all my life. After spending a lot of time growing up in Malta (a beautiful island located in the middle of the Mediterranean) soft drinks played more the role of a survival tool than that of a fizzy drink. The place was so hot and after walking round in the hot sun all day a bottle of 7up (a freezing cold old school glass bottle I might add) could really save your life. This is no exaggeration and if you ask anyone who has also made the mistake of walking from Mellieha beach uphill to the town center in the middle of August, it is no laughing matter as I am sure going down in it a wheelchair during winter isn't as well. When you got to the top there was a place that sold cold fizzy drinks which is where the life saving part came into play.

Now enough about Malta and more about Pepsi from 1990. To help take you back to this glorious time I have dug up this commercial from 1990 to get you in the mood. That last sentence  made me sound like I was grooming you up for something pervy then but I can assure you I wasn't... or was I?


OK so now we come to the big marketing scheme Pepsi did that summer and that was giving the cans a new look for a certain period of time. It was a new decade so trying to make a statement about moving on with the times they released the Pepsi Cool cans collection.

Pepsi Cool multi pack box from 1990.

The Pepsi cool collection consisted of four cans that had different designs. One had a woman's face wearing sunglasses that had the Pepsi logo in the reflection, another with a pink version of the Pepsi logo with swirling colors, another with a cartoon dude surfing in front of the logo and a black can with Pepsi letters in neon lights all over it.

Now something very interesting happened with black can with the neon writing. If you got another can with the same design and placed it on top of the other can this happened.

The word sex would become blatantly visible. So what was Pepsi's intention with this little real life Easter egg? Was they trying to say that Pepsi is just like the act of sex, where sex being the definition of enjoy and having a cheeky dig at Coca Cola's "Enjoy" tag line? Or were they just trying to be all outlandish and shocking because it was the 90's now? Or were they trying to just promote sex in general? 

I guess Pepsi would only market sex if it did not involve Madonna and black incarnation of Jesus Christ, which some reason they really didn't like back then.

I have seen full sets of these cans go for up to $100 on ebay before which makes this range of cans fore runners in the world of soda collecting, which is a now popular hobby where people collect old fizzy drinks cans and bottles.   

11 Mar 2012


So back in the early 90's I had an NES system just like most kids did and spent many hours playing games like Double Dragon, Duck Hunt, Castlevania, and of course Super Mario Brothers. I had many other NES games such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Ninja Turtles game, Skate or Die but they were poor in quality and so unplayable that I was always unable to complete them.

Back in the day it wasn't like it is today, where if you get a video game thats crappy you can trade it in or send it back to Love Film for something else better on your list. Back then if you ended up with a shitty game you were pretty much lumbered with it. I always prided myself even as a youngster in my gaming abilities and made it my goal to complete every game I was faced with.

With things being pretty care free for me at the time completing Terminator 2 on the Game Boy was a major thing which caused much stress for me and made me feel somewhat of a failure as a young man. I used to lay awake at night thinking how will I be able to one day raise a family if I cant even get past the third stage of Castlevania?

However Super Mario was the shining jewel of NES playing career and was something that really lifted my spirits and brought me back from the jaws of 8-Bit defeat. Super Mario was the ultra playable but still challenging godfather of the side scrolling plat-former genre. Super Mario eased you in slowly and then from out of nowhere got real tough, but with enough practice and timing you could beat it and feel much better about your self.

I remember the first time I completed it was around June 1991 and it was a great moment in my life. When I found out there was a second Super Mario Bros game I was overjoyed and managed to borrow a copy off of my friend Scott.

Now I recently discovered the whole background story of what was up with Mario 2 and how the Lost Levels from Mario All Stars on the SNES was meant to be the Mario sequel but it never reached the western world etc. But I have always had my own theory on the subject which is far more enjoyable than the truth and like my lying leprechaun father once said "never let the truth get in the way of a good story" so here it is.

After Mario rescued the princess (and washed all of Bowsers semen out of her hair and frilly dress) he had somewhat of a dilemma.  During his quest he ended up with tons of mushrooms while searching the other castles looking for the Princess. So he, the Princess, his brother and the little fat toad bloke all had a sit down and decided to have a mushroom party. After scoffing lots of these mushrooms they ended up on a spaced out trip in which proper fucked them up. The only way they were going to make it out of this pickle with out being Nintendo's equivalent of the Manson family, would be to work together as a team and just ride it out.

Now that may sound absurd but it is pretty hard to argue when you compare this game to its predecessor. The last game had the pipes, under ground levels, under water levels, castles, and the ability to shoot flames at stuff. In this game you have to go round throwing vegetables at hooded midgets wearing hockey masks while being chased by a floating face! if that doesn't have LSD written all over it then I don't know what does.

At the end of each level you are faced with what can only be described as an uncircumcised penis wearing a giant nappy as a boss. After this you would pickup a crystal ball which would vanish into thin air and then you  had to walk into a giant eagles face on a wall to finish the level.

In the end you would have to defeat a giant frog to escape this horrendous ordeal and survive the biggest Magic Mushroom trip of your lives.

Ok so now that my silly story about the cast of the game being high on psychedelic drugs is out of the way I will go onto to give my real opinion and verdict on this game. Super Mario 2 is one of the most fun, awesome , and best games ever to be released on the NES. The fact you had 4 different characters to choose from which all had their advantages and disadvantages made for a much more interesting game. The fact the levels where mapped vertically as well as horizontally makes the game really stand out compared to the other games in the franchise.

The weird and warped out environment made the whole caper that little bit more fun also. Some levels you had to ride magic carpets, dig through sand while being pursued by baddies, and bomb your way out of underground dirt mines.

In 1993 all of the NES Mario games were pimped up to 16-Bit with updated graphics and Stereo sound on Super Mario All Stars. The Mario Lost Levels (which was meant to be Super Mario 2) is also included on the cartridge. Now in my opinion I am so glad that the trippy Super Mario 2 was the one that made it instead of the Lost Levels as the Lost Levels is just Super Mario Brothers with a few minor changes. Another cool thing about the trippy version of Mario 2 is the fact that Luigi plays more of a major role as he is somewhat more superior than Mario as he can jump higher and much further than Mario can.

I am pretty sure you can pick this game up along with the rest of the NES Mario collection on a Nintendo Wii disc (but don't quote me on that as I am not certain) so try and get a copy if possible.

So yeah in its fucked up little way Mario 2 is one of my favorite games of all time.

6 Mar 2012


Mark Miller is always great at breathing new life into old comic book characters and this effort by he and Bryan Hitch is a must read graphic novel covering the issues of FF #554-561. The first half of the book has Reed Richards former love interest Alyssa Moy return to bring the scientific prediction of impending apocalypse in the next decade.

Moy and her new husband (who is the smartest man on the the planet) have made a second earth for humans to inhabit once the old one is gone and she needs the help of Mr Fantastic for the finishing touches. The new earth will have no weapons and will be policed by a giant robot named CAP (who was built in the image of Captain America) and is pretty much impossible to destroy.

During this time Johnny storm is launching his own reality show and fronting a rock band. He ends up in a romantic relationship with a super hot female super villain and Ben Grim is dating a teacher.  

Just when everything seems to be going sweet the CAP robot goes on a rampage beating up all of the Marvel universe until Reed jumps into the anti Galactus suit (which costs a billion dollors a second to fund) and puts a stop to it.

After this a mysterious nanny turns up to looks after Sue and Reeds kids, Doctor Doom and Johnny storm get kidnapped by a future version of the Defenders and there is a roller coaster climax which I will not spoil for you.

I really urge to either buy this on Amazon or do what I did and join your local library and borrow it. I must say joining the local library if you are a comics fan is a definite win as you can take 14 books at a time and depending which is your local council there are always more than one you are allowed to be a member of.

If you are a fan of Mark Millar. Bryan Hitch, Fantastic Four or just good comics in general this is a must read. Admittedly the first half of the book is not as great as the second half is but it is still pretty cool. Ben Grim has some great lines in this book that really make you chuckle like when he asks a girl on a date and invites her to a bar which "even has a hand dryer in the mens room". The climax it self is nothing short of spectacular and makes you say "NO WAY!" with each page you turn.

Go grab a copy!

1 Mar 2012


So today I uploaded the first episode of LOST TV which is a new feature on the youtube channel showcasing the bizarre world of lost entertainment. No words can describe this new show and the only thing you can do is click the play button and enjoy. After doing this if you understood what was going on and had a blast then congratulations and if you didn't then please go die in a corner somewhere. Also new content from the Game Rape show will be included in the future episodes as well.