16 Apr 2012


So summer is pretty much almost here and it is almost time for the Lost Entertainment online summer party. During the upcoming months the site will be getting a summer make over and the articles and posts will all be summer related. 

From summer blockbuster movies, past summer sporting events, summer foods, summer drinks, summer toys, its all being covered with no stone left unturned . I recently went to visit the set of the long gone Big Breakfast show and managed to get some snaps. I will be digging out the photos from my Malta trip for a great article about a summer holiday a few years back. 

I am also in the middle of loads of preparation for the season by writing and filming lots of footage for the upcoming posts. I am so excited to be doing this whole summer gimmick and once thats over I will be doing a halloween countdown as well as a christmas one after that. 

So watch the video below to get your self in the mood. This video is a mash up of different clips related to the stuff I am going to be writing about with "Surfin USA" covered by Blind Guardian.