1 May 2012


The world of cinema will always be a magical place for everyone. Dreams become reality and so do the creatures of our nightmares and darkest fears. Special effects will always be something which will grow and evolve, as with every movie made, lessons are learned and techniques are mastered.

Today on Lost Entertainment I (Kristian Rodriguez) will pull back the magical fourth wall and show you the reality of what the other side of the camera looks like.

I must warn you that you may not want to see the secrets behind the magic. If you do then please scroll down further and if you don't, well.. you can just fuck off then.

Even to this day I have a real problem getting in the sea. Its not just the of the fact Speilberg and co made me petrified of Great White Sharks but its also the fact I got stung by a Jellyfish on my balls once. There is a new documentary on the Jaws Blu Ray release which looks quite decent titled "The Shark's still Working". It's notoriously documented that the mechanical shark "Bruce" was on of the least cooperative props in movie history. Due to the ocean current in Martha's Vinyard (the location of the filming) battering the mechanical equipment behind the fake shark, the crew were faced with nothing but disaster. In the end they decided not to use the shark on film as much as they wanted to, which luckily for them, worked in their favor, thus giving the movie more of an atmosphere.

A young Steven Speilberg is pictured above in the most famous teeth in cinema history. The original mechanical Bruce was recently discovered in a scrap yard in Los Angeles. I always said if I won the lottery I would buy this and have it in my pool to jump out and scare people for a joke.

Here are some more images just to remind you that "it's just a movie"

Freddy Krueger will always a topical on Lost Entertainment but another topical fact is that the first nightmare movie was Johnny Depp's big screen debut. Robert Englund endured hours upon hours of grueling make up sessions and after 8 of these movies it is a sure bet that he has spent at least a few months of his life in the make up chair. 

It's a very surreal image to see all the kids of Elm Street posing with Freddy Krueger with massive grins while he chills with his old school tape deck. 

Englund rips of the latex after a hard day at the office.

A rare snap of the first batch of Elm Street children.

The Dream Warriors grab a snap with Freddy.

Freddy goes for his last make over on the set of Camp Crystal Lake.

John Carpenters Halloween is the undisputed king of the slashers in my personal opinion. Michael Myers is the archetype of what any horror movie antagonist should be. Feelingless, remorseless, brutal and cool as fuck. The first two incarnations of Myers were the best and the movies after should be avoided like the plague. Here are some rare photos from the film set.

Nick Castle poses with the infamous mask which still terrifies audiences to this day. The mask was in fact a Star Trek mask of Captain Kirk sprayed grey.

Another rare shot of Jamie Leigh Curtis embracing Michael Myers.

This would be the best Coca Cola advert for a certain time of year.

"What's the worst that can happen?" Someone escapes from a loony bin and kills everyone!

1968's Night of The Living Dead laid down the path for zombie movies and 10 years later Dawn of the Dead rode down that path in flaming chariots. Possibly my all time favorite movie in general, Dawn of the Dead is easily the greatest zombie ever made. Filmed on a tight budget in Pennsylvania shopping mall Dawn of the Dead is not just a zombie movie its fucking art. George Romero teamed with special effects guru Tom Savini to make the most violent gore fest ever seen at that time. 

Tom Savini had recently returned from Vietnam where he served as military photographer and after seeing so many dead bodies he was the right guy to bring the living dead to life in this project. I will be doing a great length Dawn of the Dead article for Halloween.

Romero instructing a zombie.

Savini giving another one of the ridiculous amounts of zombies the paint job.

Due to the amount of zombies cast in the movie multiple teams of make up artists were deployed in the mall.

Savini chills with a body who is about to have an exploding head episode.

When James Camerons sci fi/film noire master piece was first released in 1984 it was the most expensive film ever made at the time. Casting Mr Universe Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role the movie would be a mega hit and would spawn maybe the most successful sequel of all time. 

Arnie grabs a snap with the woman he shot in the face. Nice shirt as well Arnie.

Michael Beihn who played Kyle Reese takes a quick snap with James Cameron. 

Arnie stabbing the biker in the bar scene from Terminator 2. Im kind of glad he wasn't really naked walking around the film set.

Arnie poses with Cameron during the shooting of the final scenes from Terminator 2.