2 May 2012


Since I started doing the movie production photo articles I have obtained many different pictures from various movies. The best set I have obtained are from the cult classic movie The Warriors (which I recently reviewed).

Here are some rare shots from the making of the Warriors. I will also be doing part 2 of the previous article I posted yesterday later this week. I decided these pics deserved their own article and when you scroll down you will see why.
cameras rolling in Grammercy Park
The Turnbull AC's
The Warriors take a time out.
Filming in the subway
Coney Island
A great silhouette of a baseball fury. Reminds me of the classic underpass shot from A Clockwork Orange.
Great shot of Cyrus before his demise.
Coney Island subway station
Shooting the restroom brawl
The Rogues. I remember scribbling all over my Ghostbusters car as a kid to make it look like this.
This is from a deleted scene of Cleon and his old lady before the meet.
Another great shot of the Turnbull AC's in their ultra cool bus. Imagine working late at a Shell garage and this pulls up. You would be fucked.
Shooting the final beach scene.

The next article will include photos from Night of the Living Dead, Evil Dead, American Werewolf in London and many more rare snaps.