29 Jun 2012


Video games have always been expensive items and always will be. However at this point in time I have never seen such effortless greed in all my life. I am and always will be a big supporter of the gaming industry and its evolution, but at the moment it infuriates the hell out of me. So today I am going to have a rant about some things which have personally affected me in the last year or so.


So those lovely folks at Microsoft charge us £39.99 a year just for the privilege to play online. On Playstation 3 Network this feature is free. So with being charged that amount you would think the kind folks at Microsoft would give us some freebies? No not a chance in hell. EVERYTHING on X-Box Live costs money. From crappy avatar T-shirts to rubbish wallpaper everything costs you money. Video games them selves are also becoming greedy with this trend of sucking every penny out of you with their ridiculous online add ons. Recently they kindly donated me 200 X-Box points which I was over joyed about. However when I went to spend them points I was disappointed to find that there are no items on the market place of the value of 200 points, unless you buy more points. After having X Box live for a year I decided I was not going to renew my account but Microsoft decided to automatically renew my account for me. So I am now stuck with it again for another 12 months. 

WWE 12

So being the huge mark I am for WWE I bought the new video game the day it came out and I play it everyday almost. The day I got it I begrudgingly paid for the years online pass so I could download extra wrestlers and other bits. Back in the day you unlocked wrestlers and this other stuff by playing through the game. Now you have to pay like £15 extra just for the privilege, even though the game itself already costs £40 so in total you're £55 for a computer game which is pretty steep even before the economic climate. To top matters off the THQ servers which host the games online functions are always down and now (7 months later) they are still not fixed. It is as if they took the money and ran.


Capcom have made some of the greatest games in history. From the Street Fighter franchise, Mega Man, Ghouls and Ghosts, Dead Rising and Resident Evil they have been a major player for almost 3 decades. However this companies recent efforts (or lack of) have annoyed the hell out of me. So I enjoy the Dead Rising games (even though I ranted about them in this article) and I got the recent Off the record game. When I started playing I got really mad because its not a new game at all in fact its Dead Rising 2 but with Frank West. Everything even down to the cut scenes were taken from Dead Rising 2 just with a different character skin and voice over. Do Capcom really think that people are that dumb to not even notice that they are playing the exact same game as before? Well as long as people buy it why should they care.

Then there are the new Capcom vs Marvel games which are all the exact same but with the addition of 1 or 2 new characters. Downloading the extra characters off of X-Box live like the other games do was a big no no for greedy Capcom. You have to pay a whole £40 to buy the almost exact same game again to play as Hawkeye. 


So this week like millions of gamers around the world I got the Skyrim add on for X-Box. I was promised 20 hours of extra gaming by the online adverts and promos. I got about 8 if am honest and yes I enjoyed the storyline and the new features but 1600 points! Really? I had to buy 2000 X-Box points as you cant just buy 1600 which cost me £17. I am not being a tight arse but I just really think that the gaming industry has become ridiculously greedy and it wont be long before games are £60 retail price. Something needs to be done because it is becoming a joke. As a gamer myself and someone who has young kids in the family that I have to buy games for at Christmas and birthdays it is beyond a joke.