13 Jul 2012


I must admit it has been very hard for me to write articles about the summer as the weather here in the UK is beyond a joke. However today is Friday the 13th so there is no better time for me to review the Friday the 13th video game released on Nintendo back in the day. The game was released by LJN, a toy company which made some great WWF figures but also some of the worst video games based on movies.

I have ranted about this company and their shit games over the years (check the bottom of this article to read related articles) but this one may be the shittest of them all. So Friday the 13th movies were about the deranged killer who once a year rose from the depths of Camp Crystal Lake to dismember anyone having sex or smoking weed in the local area. It just has a Nintendo game written all over it.. doesn't it?

The game was a power play one which meant you could use your Nintendo Power Glove which was about as use-full as kicking the fucking TV screen in to turn it on.

One thing that spoils a logo or title screen of a video game is the shitty little "TM" symbol. Are LJN that proud of the fact they got the trademark for maybe one of the worst games ever made. Thats a silly question really, of course they were. This above screen shot maybe the best part of the game.

The game is a side scroller which takes place on this big map of locations. However all the locations look the fucking same and the giant map only serves to cause confusion and to flesh out one of the most shallow games ever created in terms of creativity and depth. The game is atrocious and all the tasks involve visiting cabins and doing shitty mundane tasks like lighting fireplaces and more often than not.. getting lost.

I kinda think this may have been an attempt at a WIzard of Oz game as all you do is walk yellow bricked fucking roads the whole time. Maybe they lost the license to that and just stuck Jason Voorhees in there as a lazy attempt for a Friday the 13th game. That theory makes more sense than anything else in this game. One thing sad that strikes me while playing this awful game is that someone, somewhere back in the day got this shitty game as a main Christmas gift.

I did get to the first Jason encounter but lost the battle. I must say after completing and reviewing many LJN Nintendo games of movies I have wasted too many hours of my life which I will never get back. I am not going to make the same mistake anymore and I can pretty much say that Friday the 13th is a total bag of shit and dont ever play this game.