20 Jul 2012


Hey everyone,

Its Lost Entertainment creator Kristian Rodriguez here, giving you some news about some of the upcoming events on Lost Entertainment. Although the weather so far this summer has been absolutely rubbish (well in London anyway) Lost Entertainment is the place where it is always sunny.


Free comic Fridays will commence as of next week which will feature a full free comic for you all to read on Lost Entertainment. These wont just be any old free comics but amazing classic comics from Marvel and DC. So make sure to check every Friday because you never know what you might miss. Also remember to search the archives using the sites online search engine to catch up on anything you've missed.


There will be more episodes of the Lost Entertainment Podcast, Project Overkill and the SAK Classic Rock Show in the coming months. The reason for delay is due to scheduling a right time to do the shows with my other co hosts. The next Project Overkill Episode will feature a band to co host the show with me and choose their own playlist but at the moment like I said earlier it is just a matter of getting everyone together at a convenient time to do the show.


On September the 1st the site is getting a new make over for the count down to Halloween. During the lead up to the scariest night of the year Lost Entertainment will be going on an all out monsterfest reviewing and writing about some of the coolest horror topics known to man. Movies like Dawn of the Dead, Evil Dead, Halloween and many more will be featured as well as horror related toys, books and other related products. I will also be doing a special Halloween podcast for the event also.


Starting next Monday the worst day of the week will be turned around in Feel Good Mondays. These will be articles and videos to help cheer everyone up on the most depressing point of the week.


There is just over a month left of the summer season and there is still so much more summer related stuff on its way so keep checking back for updates. Lost Entertainment can be subscribed to via email or RSS feed and is now available in over 30 languages.

Take care

Kris Rodriguez