5 Sep 2012


Monster In My Pocket where small rubber figures released by Matchbox in the mid 90's. They where the same size as the ultra popular M.U.S.C.L.E Men from Mattel. These toys were also confused with Pokemon which translates to "Pocket Monster" in English (or Engrish as the Jap's would say) and there was even some lawsuits involved which came to nothing.

The toys came in singular plastic packages or packs of 4, 12 and huge box sets. The figures will be mainly remembered by UK readers for being given away inside of boxes of Kelloggs Frosties.

I remember during the amazing summer of 1995 eating as much cereal as I could humanly consume just so I could get more of these figures. Due to them being given away inside of cereal boxes almost everybody had them and they were great to swap in the playground.

The figures included Witches, Vampires, Hunchbacks, Zombies, sea creatures, Mythological monsters and even Dinosaurs in the earlier sets. There were also lines of glow in the dark figures as well.

The line was successful enough to spawn its own comic book series and even a really shitty game for the Nintendo. Monsters in my Pocket faded out in just as much time as they did getting popular and become another Lost Entertainment gem. The sets are not worth much to buy now or sell on ebay so if you kept yours thinking they would be some nest egg in the future well.. I am very sorry to disappoint you.

The series also spawned off another popular line of figures called Monster Wrestlers (which I will review in the near future) which were painted muscled up monsters which were also free inside of Kellogs cereal boxes.