28 Nov 2012


In 1991 WCW had a line of figures released by the toy company Galoob. Galoob had major success with their A-Team and the hugely popular Micro Machines cars prior to making these figures. At the time the WWF's Hasbro toy line was dominating the popular toy market so WCW decided to release their own toy line.

The line had many figures to choose from and they were all the same size as the Hasbro figures. The Hasbro figures did not have many points of articulation and the WCW ones followed suit in an even more extreme fashion by not giving these figures any articulation what so ever! Many of the figures were not released in the UK and the UK variations had different ring attires and tag team packs were exclusively made for the UK.

Superb Four Horsemen tag team pack exclusively made for the Uk
Although the figures had no moves or joints they made up for it in detail and quality. The figures were very highly detailed and very much looked like the wrestlers that they depicted. While the WWF figures depicted the superstars in a more cartoonish manner, the WCW figures concentrated more on realism. Each figure came with a rubber gold championship title which had black paint detail and the word WCW in text.

The WCW Galoob ring was a huge anti climax.

I have wrote about this product before (in this article click here to read)  and how it was a HUGE disappointment when I got it home. The ring was a great idea with a solid red cage that could be attached on the sides. The ring had a bell and awesome steel steps which could launch wrestlers in the air. On top of all this the ring had a launching spring activated platform as well to boot. This was all so amazing but there was just one problem.. none of it fucking worked!

The ring posts would implode on them selves after the elastic ropes were attached, the spring would just work when it wanted to and I ended up binning mine and using the red cage for my Hasbro ring. The Galoob WCW ring was a major disappointment after seeing what it could have offered if it would have worked properly.

Galoob also released a sound effects board to latch onto the ring as an extra part. After seeing how crap the ring was I (and many others I'm sure) would not part with any cash what so ever for a shit wrestling ring that doesn't work properly in the first place.

Sting 14 inch tall Galoob Doll.

One thing that Galoob did release which was superb, were the 14 inch giant action dolls. These dolls had great articulation and just looked awesome. They also released other dolls in this line which were Ric Flair, Lex Luger and Sid Vicious. These figures also came with rubber WCW belts.

The Galoob WCW world title.
Galoob also released a WCW title belt at the time also. When you look at the belt in the box and the one the kids wearing you can see a major difference. Galoob went onto making more popular toy lines like Biker Mice from Mars and the Game Genie which was a hugely popular console add on cartridge which let you cheat at computer games to a ridiculous level. Nintendo took Galoob to court for making an unofficial product without their consent. Galoob won the battle and continued to make Game Genie add on's. Just like the real life war with WCW and the WWF, Hasbro bought Galoob for $220 million in 1998