7 Dec 2012



Skyrim: Dragonborn 


So here is another addition to the Skyrim DLC, much different from the Dawnguard add on where you are bought into a vampire and human struggle. This add on offers you much more and something different, you visit an island called Solstheim. You are brought to this island because you are hunted down by a cult leaded by the original Dragonborn called Miraak. In this review I will be explaining more about the add on and what new features and gameplay they have added, without trying to give too much of the story away.


The features that they have included in this add on of Skyrim are much more useful including weapons, enemies and much more.

One of the main new features of the game is being able to smith new items such as Nordic armour, Bonemold armour and Stalhrim armour these are a new smithing trees within the game.

I have picked Stalhrim out as useful new feature because this is something completely new to Skyrim and to obtain this ore you will require an ancient nord pick axe. This is can be made in to your everyday usage such as swords, axes, shield and a bow.

They have also included four new shouts within Solstheim these are mainly found within dungeons and few of the shouts will be quest related if you want to unlock the whole set. They have also added a few spells to the game to I haven’t came across all of them yet and they have also added some new and new alchemy potions and ingredients. Plus they have also included few more dragon Priests within the game to.


New Enemies:

Ash spawn: 

Which is a type of human made from volcanic ash, apparently they started to appear around the Solstheim during an eruption on the island during the fourth era, they only occupy the south side of the island.


Are similar to small goblin like creatures these mainly work as large packs and they stick together.
When they attack other tribes around Solstheim they usual attack in overwhelming numbers, you will mostly find them in ruins and caves throughout the game


These are protectors of the Daedric god Hermaeus Mora and these creatures mainly live within the realm of Apocrypha protecting forbidden knowledge. Seekers also live within the realm of Apocrypha they are not the best looking things they are tentacled Daedra.


Is the main enemy within the game you will find out more about him as you go along, he is an old Dragonborn trapped in the realm of Apocrypha. He is currently severing Hermaeus Mora within his realm, Miaark is made more powerful by the influence of Hermaeus.



Dragonborn add on gameplay doesn’t change from Skyrim its self, you can still able to interact with the game exactly as you can in Skyrim. This is important because you will still get the enjoyment out of the game without it being changed.

The way that Dragonborn add on starts is by a group of loyalist from Miaark telling you, that you are not the true Dragonborn and you’re a fake (how rude), this straight away grabbed my attention because your supposed to be the only Dragonborn within Skyrim. (If anyone is having trouble starting the add on, I would suggest going to Windhelm).

The game offers you 20+ of gameplay including the side quests, with the story mode keeping you interested and challenging the more you progress .The black book which is need to complete the main story mode will provide you will a challenge confusing dark alleyways and puzzle’s that you will have to solve to progress further within the books. You can’t help but feel connected to the story and wanting to do the greater good for the people, earning your right to be called only true Dragonborn within Skyrim.

You will meet some interesting characters within Solstheim, make sure you try to talk to as many people you can within the main city Raven Rock. Remember talking to more people will sometimes give you more side quests to adventure on.

Plus Solstheim will offer you different landscapes from a small town made of out a giant mushroom, to part covered snow from an open ash wasteland. You will be kept busy with exploring as there is more than 30+ different locations within Solstheim, the island may look big at first but you will find it easy and fun to explore.


Overall this in my opinion is the best add on for Skyrim so far, I mean you have an whole island to explore, from more weapons, enemies, dungeons and to unlocking some new companions. What grabs my attention in the story is that there is a new force stronger than Dragonborn himself, you will have to bare the path of evil to defeat evil as that is the only way to succeed.