26 Feb 2012


So this past weekend I stayed home and chilled on Saturday night (which is pretty weird for me) with a 20" inch pizza and the trashiest movies I could get my hands on.

It was then that I discovered maybe one of the trashiest movies I had ever seen and to top it off the main hero of the movie was even called Trash. The movie was called 1990 The Bronx Warriors and was made in 1982 by Italian film maker Enzo G Castellari who also brought us the original Inglorious Baterds andThe New Barbarians another B movie classic.

The movie is set in a post apocalyptic New York in the year 1990... now its not the first time that this mistake has been made where movies predict the end of the world way to near to the actual movies release date. Escape from New York was set in like 1988, Demolition Man made cryogenically freezing criminals possible in 1996 and Back to the Future 2 was set in 2015.. mind you I will let them off for that as there is a shit 80's bar down the road from me and I recently saw a 3d movie in the cinema. But my point is if you are going to make a movie based on the end of the world or "in the future" why not just say the year 2234 instead saying 1998 or even worse the dreaded year 2000 which got milked loads!

Anyway in this post apocalyptic New York the Bronx has spiraled out of control so bad that the Law has vanished and is now run by a huge biker gang called the riders. Now the leader of the riders proper looks like Alice Coopers muscle bound guitarist from the 80's Kane Roberts.
Kane Roberts heavy metals answer to John Rambo!

Now I could talk in depth about the plot but in all honesty I cannot be bothered as the movie kind of confused the hell out of me. What I thought the movie was about turned out to not be that important in the end so fuck it. 

But what I can tell you is that if you like movies with cool music, motorcycles, men on horses with flame throwers, people dressed as Nazis, grown men on roller skates kidnapping women, blood, guts and Fred Williamson then this maybe the movie for you. 

24 Feb 2012


Anyone who has been following Lost Entertainment or knows me personally will know that I am obsessed with Freddy Krueger and the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. Maybe not so much now that I am a "grown up" but form the age of 5 onwards I was regularly renting the tapes from the local video store (which I bought its entire horror vhs library when it shut down) and dressing up as Freddy at any given occasion.
A young Kris Rodriguez dressing up as Freddy even at Christmas time!
Now I have done 2 articles in the past about Freddy one reviewing the shitty Nintendo game that LJN released (click here to read) and the Freddy Krueger 1-900 hotline number (click here to read) and as Freddy will always be topical here at Lost Entertainment there's gunna be plenty more.

I will review the toys, the board games, the Christmas decorations and of course the movies. Freddy was arguably the biggest icon of the 80's along with Mr T, Madonna, Ronald Reagan and Ian Beale.

Now I will be reviewing A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 on here at some point but at the moment its in a long list of articles to do.

Anyway I was on youtube drinking some beers and watching stuff when I came across this amazing fan made video montage of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 with the song from the Fright Night soundtrack in the background. Its cool as fuck and makes the movie look ten times better than it actually was!

23 Feb 2012


Being the self confessed biggest retro gamer on the planet I was overjoyed today when my copy of Fifa Road to World Cup 98 arrived in the mail. Fifa 98 in my opinion was the greatest Fifa game of all time. I am not knocking the other Fifa games as the ones nowadays are nothing short of superb with the amount of realism and amazing gameplay they provide.

I must say I rate this one mainly for nostalgia reasons and the fact playing this game for the first time in late 1997 was a memory I will never forget. The Fifa franchise up until this point was a pretty lazy effort from Electronic Arts as all the games where identical except for the fact each season they changed players around and moved stats about. When Fifa 96 arrived on the Playstion the game had a new appeal as commentary and 3d graphics were introduced but the staleness and soullessness was still evident.

Then in late 1997 gamers that bought Fifa 98 were greeted with this... something which still gives me goosebumps to this day.

With which was probably the greatest intro to a video game ever Blur will have a lifetime spot on my ipod but not because I like Blur but because of a football game from 1997... the best football game ever I might add.

The graphics were a huge improvement from the previous years effort in a big way. Although the franchise had not been given the green light for a sponsor to be shown the kits still looked class. There where lots of real life arenas placed in the game from all over the world and as well as the improved five aside arena.

The five aside mode was one of my favorite to play as the game was played at a much faster pace in a smaller arena in which anything could happen. You can use the walls to do a amazing rebound passes or even shots and scoring from your end of the pitch was an easy feat to achieve.

The tournament feature was removed from this game as France 98 was a sequel to this game some 6 months later which was in all fairness a rip off as it only had one game mode. You could customize your teams players, kit, player looks and even change stats and move players about. This feature was great as you could keep the game up to date manually meaning that you dont have to purchase Fifa 99. One of my mates kept his Fifa 98 up to date with the real world of Football up until 2002. Fifa 98 will always be up there as one of my favorite Playstation games ever! I picked up my copy this week for £2 on ebay. Live to win!

21 Feb 2012


This is possibly the best way you can spend three minutes or so on youtube. If you disagree with this statement then you are a faggot!

20 Feb 2012


So recently I did an article (which you can read here) about one of my favorite arcade coin op games of all time WWF Wrestlefest. Now 21 years later THQ and WWE have had the brains to remake the game for release on ipad, iphone and ipod touch.
The game has been revamped with nicer graphics, more arenas and a roster spanning from the federation days, the attitude era to todays current WWE roster. So its pretty much the same cast they used for last years WWE Allstars game which when played against a friend the game was awesome but single player was a very abysmal experience.
Now I am not sure of what game modes are available for this game as the original only had two modes of play which was a tag team campaign and Royal Rumble mode. I am hoping a few extra game modes have been included. I am also very glad to see the classic blue steel cage has returned.
Mean Gene is in the game which is awesome. I have heard the game may be also going on PS3 and Xbox arcade but this is yet to be confirmed. The game is released on the app store this week so go check it out!

16 Feb 2012


Ever wondered what Mr T would be like as a rapper? Well it happened! The self righteous "pitier of fools" released a rap album back in the 1980's. With tracks like "Treat your mother right" and "Mr T's commandments" the record won five Grammy awards and was an artistic success... OK so that was a complete lie the record was absolute toss but it still didn't stop idiots like me from grabbing a copy.

In his songs he raps about how to behave and be a good parent. Now a man who goes around driving a black van and beating people up would be the last person to start preaching to kids and parents world wide but at least his heart was in the right place. I've never really understood that phrase I've just said as it doesn't make much sense. If you have a heart that grows out of your left arm or shoulder does that automatically make you evil due to it being in the wrong place? fuck knows!

Now in this music video Mr T walks around a warehouse full of kids and street punks that wouldn't look out of place in Michael Jacksons music video Beat It. Mr T walks around rapping and for some unknown reason taking bits of metal off people bending them and giving them back as if he has done them a favor. Its as if these morons have been standing around all day with these things going "oh how I wish I could bend this flimsy bit of metal and be a real man...Whoah Mr T just bent it for me! You the man T" its fucking retarded.

The line between who is good and bad in this video is very blurred as Mr T gives certain kids the thumbs up and other ones he pushes through walls. At one point he even pushes over some crippled kid and busts up what looks like a friendly game of cards.

The video is just pure weirdness it really is just Mr T walking around a ware house high fiving people he likes the looks of and pushing ones he doesn't down flights of stairs and lift shafts.

The lyrics are fucking stupid as I am pretty sure Mr T wrote them himself and if you have ever watched Mr T on TV you will find he isn't the sharpest knife in the draw. He preaches how kids should honor their parents because the bible said so and how parents should help kids with their homework and even give them a kiss from him! Thats a bit fucked up imagine saying to someone about their young daughter "yeah give her one from me" you would likely get put on the sex offenders register and have a pack of angry Sun newspaper readers with flames and pitchforks outside your door. Anyway here is the car crash of a music video!


When the X-Men started getting shown on Saturday mornings it was a big deal.. well to me and I am sure a lot of other kids as well at the time.

It was the biggest effort ever put into a kids cartoon show at the time and it was fucking epic. So epic in fact that I have recently started watching it again and I am hooked.

I remember when I first ever saw the first episode The Night of The Sentinels  I was absolutely blown away. The whole thing was so cool and at the time the only super heroes I and most kids knew of were Batman, The Hulk, Superman and Spider Man so when this new breed of ultra cool characters which appealed to both girls and boys came along it was a great time to be a kid.

The story lines loosely follow the Marvel Comics actual story but simplify it a lot more which is cool because it means more action. From Charles Xaviers struggle for understanding between humans and mutants, Magnetos plans of domination, Sabretooth and Wolverines grudge matches to the age of Apocolypse its all covered.
 How the characters transition from the pages of Marvel Comics to animated characters is a spot on effort and with well acted voice talents the X-Men were brought to life in a spectacular fashion.
Everything including backgrounds and other little bits and pieces were done in great detail leaving no corners cut when it came to making this great show. If your a parent/uncle/aunt than this would make a great dvd gift for any kids in the family as it appeals to everyone. Or even if you are a big kid like me than I really suggest you get the dvd of this show!

12 Feb 2012


Now before I start as this is UK based site I would like to explain the whole 900 number thing first. The 900 numbers were the equivalent  of 0845 or premium rate numbers in the UK and in the 80's and early 90's they were rife. Everyone from sports stars to even Freddy Krueger had one of these complete rip off phone lines where you could call up and listen to a recording for an extortionate amount of money. This was before the internet and television commercials would tell you to call up as there is some information you need in your life on the other side of the line.

Now I have a friend who called a sex line once and fell asleep (as he was very drunk at the time) while getting through and when the bill came in he got his ass whipped. Now imagine if that would have happened to someone while calling the Freddy Krueger 900 number? I think a being locked away in a mental hospital would be the punishment. Plus how do you explain when the phone bill comes in the reasoning behind calling up a horrifically burned child molester? The TV told you to do it? Or you really needed a wank and this is the only thing that gets you off apart from the cats rusty bullet hole?

Thats why "get permission from parents before calling" then came into place. Before that 900 numbers must have made a killing just like Freddy Krueger did. I wonder if Jason or Michael Myers had one? you pay 2 bucks to hear someone breathe down the phone that could have been a winner also!

9 Feb 2012


The Wanderers is a coming of age tale which follows the exploits of an Italian American street gang from New York. It is set in the summer of 1963 and the movie does everything it can to convey this with cars, news events, fashion and an absolute top notch 60's soundtrack.

The main story revolves around an Italian vs Blacks race dispute at the local high school which eventually culminates into a friendly game of high school football. Though this is not the main focal point of the movie and the rest of the movie revolves around parties, girls, hanging out and brawling with other rival gangs like the baldies and the ducky boys.

The movie is mainly about growing up in a tough neighborhood in the 60's and the struggles that these young men went through from family troubles to romantic relationships.

This is what really differentiates this movie from the Warriors as the Warriors were portrayed in a very one dimensional aspect in the sense that you never knew what the home life of a Warriors member was like. Where in this movie you get a real in depth look at what the everyday life of a Wanderer was like, well for at least three main characters anyway.
The fight scenes in the Wanderers are really great from back alley encounters with the baldies to the big fight during the football game with the ever so eerie Ducky boys in which the entire school (and one of their dads) pull together to fight a hundred plus guys with bats, pipes and chains.

The dialogue is pretty sharp to which features lots of piss taking and racial abuse from all sides of the spectrum. No punches are pulled when the characters in this movie let each other know what's on their mind.

The gangs in this movie are incredible! You have the baldies a gang of leather jacket sporting skinheads with their big fat leader Terror (who is Dynamo from Running Man) who like to tie bricks to your cock and then throw them off a bridge, the Wongs an all Chinese gang of dudes who know some sick kung fu and the Ducky boys an evil gang of mutes who hang out at Church and love pulling blades on people while rolling with over a hundred strong.

The Wanderers is just a pure joy to watch from start to finish and that is the best way to describe it. A lot of people prefer this to the Warriors but I am loyal to the Warriors as being my favorite of the street gang movies. This is still one of my all time favorite movies and if you haven't seen it before go watch it you will not be dissapointed!

7 Feb 2012


The Curse of the Werewolf is a Hammer Horror movie I have always wanted to see as I am a huge fan of the Hammer Horror movies and the main star of this movie Oliver Reed.

Thanks to Lovefilm.com's on demand streaming service I was finally able to check it out this week via Xbox Live.

The movie was a bit of an anti climax after all these years of wanting to see it after seeing photos of Oliver Reed in Lycanthrope form in various books and magazines over the years.

The plot of the movie to cut it short (which really does need doing as the story moves at an alarmingly slow pace) is the story of an unwanted baby boy who is born on Christmas Day and for some strange reason this makes you become a Werewolf?

The boy is brought up by a local rich couple as their own son but when local goats start getting all kinds of fucked up they decide its for the best they should put bars on the windows.

Then the boy grows up (into Oliver Reed maybe one of the coolest hardest drinking men to ever walk the Earth) and they send him packing. Now if your adopted son who you know for a fact is a Werewolf and not to forget this same man is Oliver Reed (who once said he wanted to drink every pub dry and shag every woman alive and meant it) surely letting him loose to the nearby community might be a bit of a bad idea? Oh well fuck em!

Anyway within a few days of meeting the love of his life Reedy metamorphosis's  into a Werewolf and starts killing people and throwing doors at them etc.

Now most of the interesting bits of this movie you don't get to see like for instance most death scenes just involve a hairy hand coming out from the side and grabbing someone. When Oliver Reed finally transforms into the beast he just runs around a few rooftops growling and snarling at the people below until he is ultimately shot by his adopted father with a silver bullet.

This movie was a major disappointment but it is not the fault of the actors who all gave convincing enough performances, nor the special effects crew which make a decent effort for the time that the movie was made. Its the script that lets this movie down the most in my opinion. The movie focuses too much with events at the start which in all fairness could have been explained in 20 seconds by a narrator at the beginning instead of the good 40 minutes it took.

30 minutes through this movie I had to double check if I was watching a movie about Werewolves or some shit period drama about a load of non events and rich people bullying poor ones by locking them in Dungeons.

Although the image of Oliver Reed portraying the Wolf will always be an enduring one and will forever be immortalized by action figures and posters, the movie it self will always be a let down no matter who views it. A few years later Hammer made a much better effort with The Legend of the Werewolf which I would recommend  instead of this one if you fancy watching a Hammer Werewolf movie.

Laters and beware the moon...

6 Feb 2012


Old skool Chewits advert who remembers this?


In 1989 Hasbro released the first set of WWF action figures. The first set included only about 9 or 10 figures and they were cartoonish versions of the roided up superheroes from our TV screens. The figures were a major success and would be for the next five years to come. Many sets and variations were released of the figures but towards the end Hasbro became lazy and were using the same bodies as earlier models and were popping new superstars heads on them and respraying the bodies.

Now days if boxed the figures can fetch a bit of money on ebay or whatnot but on a whole you can pick up most figures loose for about £2. I'm selling a 90% complete set of these (minus the green card set and the elusive Dusty Rhodes figure) and I will post up details asap. So anyway here is my Top Ten best figures


Yokozuna was a mammoth Somoan guy who allegedly weighed in at 600lbs who had the gimmick of a sumo wrestler and liked planting his arse on patriotic americans and his manager the evil Mr Fuji loved throwing ceramonial salt in peoples eyes! This figure was amazing and its so heavy you could actually throw it at someones head and kill them with it. This figure gets lowered down in the list though as this was one from the later series and WWF's popularity was on the decline. Yokozuna died in a hotel in Liverpool after having a heart attack.


Next up is Earthquake another big fat bloke who like sitting on people and squashing their vital organs and ribcages! Earthquake was a great bad guy who broke Hulk Hogans ribs and killed Jake Roberts pet python in front of him while he was tied up in the ropes. Earthquake made burgers out of the dead snake a week later just for good measure (I'm not making this up wither!) and then turned into a good guy a year later when he created the tag team with fellow fatty Typhoon called the natural disasters. This figure was a must have at the time as it was the first figure to have moving legs and also tattoo detail. Earthquake has sadly passed away as well.


Doink the clown appeared in 1993 when WWF decided that every type of proffession could be used as a wrestling gimmick. We had Mounites, plumbers, witch doctors, dentists, repo men, hockey players, pig farmers, monks, country music stars, undertakers, prison gaurds, prison convicts, bull fighters, vikings, fitness instructers and now clowns were having a go. Doink the clown was actually quite successful to begin with and a good wrestler. He was a bad guy (heel) at first who came out to evil music and squirted water in kids faces and hit people over the head with artifical limbs. The figure was great a real good likeness and had a real green hair. Doink turned into a good guy (face) not long after and had midget called dink as a tag partner and then it was curtains for the clown.

7.Dusty Rhodes
This entry is a bit contraversial to me as I never owned this and hardly anyone did. The rarest WWF figure in this series. I cant remember the story wether not that many were made or that there was an issue with pacakging over a summerslam advert being placed on it but this toy is worth over a £100. This is Dusty Rhodes who worked for the Crocket NWA which became WCW and had great matches against guys like Ric Flair and Harley Race and was a wrestling legend from outside the WWF. When he arrived at the WWF owner Vince Mcmahon thought it would be a great idea to turn the American dream into the comman man making him do peoples plumming, clean peoples garbage and work in a meat factory in one segment where I qoute he said "You can beat our prices but you sure cant beat our meat!". They then gave him a toothless black tramp woman as a manager who used to dance to his funk theme (which is actually well funky) and ultimately gave him polkadot ring attire. He left a year or so later to return to WCW.

6. The Rocket Owen Hart

Owen Hart is best remembered for being a wrestler that died in an accident on live TV in 1999 but I will always remember him for being Bret Harts younger brother... who was cooler, more exciting and a better wrestler than Bret! Yeah I said it! Bret Hart bored the shit out of me as a kid and I couldnt stand him. The guy was a good wrestler but he couldnt do good interviews and he never had the charisma or fun factor that the Warrior or Hogan had. Anyway his younger brother Owen was different he could do high flying shit as well as just wrestle and was quite funny as well. This figure captures the character of Owen Hart and is a good likeness and has the cool ring attire from 1992.

5. Hulk Hogan (Bearhug action)

I'm sure you dont need to know who Hulk Hogan is so I'm gunna get straight to business. There were in total five different Hulk Hogans made in the series varying from ones with different vests, moves and bandanas. I chose this one because it captured Hulkamania as much as a four inch action figure could and makes a good bulldog clip and holder for all kinds of diffent crap.

4. Andre The Giant

The Hasbro Andre the Giant figure really captured the spirit of the heel version of Andre. With the black singlet, massive hands and ice cold stare this figure from the first series was always involved in the action. Andre came with a head butt move which worked when you pulled the torso back.

3. Ultimate Warrior (series 1)

The first version of the Ultimate Warrior has to be one of my favorite all time Hasbro figures. The beefed up warrior with the bright green pants is how I remember him best. This figure really does capture the spirit and the power of the WARRIOR!!!

2. Jake the Snake Roberts

Jake Roberts is one of my all time favorites to ever step in to a ring the guy had it all and a 10 feet long python as well just for good measure. I really hope that one day he gets put in the WWE Hall of Fame and gets over his personal problems as he really was one of the greatest of all time. The figure of him is a toy which everyone remembers and loves not just because of the fact its a great resemblance to Jake Roberts but the fact that it came with one of the greatest accessories of all time... Damien his beloved snake. The figure did an amazing knock out punch when you pulled back the right arm

1. Macho Man Randy Savage (1st series)

Now this figure to me is the greatest Hasbro of all time and not just that but I have a crazy story of how I ended up getting this figure. It was 1991 and I was 7 years old I had just recently completed my collection of the first series of Hasbro figures all apart from one... Macho Man Randy Savage. So I devised a plan to get some cash quick and that plan was money from the tooth fairy. So using a pair of mini Mechano pliers I tried pulling out a tooth while lying down. Unfortunately I ended up swallowing the mini metal pliers and digesting them luckily without dying. That was the length I was willing to go to own the greatest Hasbro of all time which stands at the front of my cabinet along with those fucking pliers! RIP Macho Man you were the greatest!  


Along with the original Dawn Of the Dead the Warriors is a close second to being my most favorite film of all time. Based on the book by Sol Yurick the Warriors is a tale of brotherhood, strength in the face adversity and kick ass violence told by the most colorful cast of characters that may have ever graced the silver screen.

The story begins when 9 members of the street gang The Warriors are called to a meeting in the Bronx in which 9 members of every gang in New York will be present. Cyrus the president of the Grammercy Riffs (the largest and most powerful street gang in New York) has a plan to merge all of the street gangs into one which will outnumber the police in order to take over the city.

However during his big speech a member of the audience shoots Cyrus and the Warriors get the blame and now they must journey back home to Coney Island with every gang in the city baying for their blood.

The movie is a roller coaster ride from start to finish with constant scenes of chases, gang battles and some of the most quotable dialogue you will ever hear. The movie was shot on location in the subways, back alleys and dodgy parks of the big apple which really give it the gritty feel which the movie wants to portray.
The gang costumes are nothing short of pure genius. From the face painted baseball bat wielding Furies to the dungarees  sporting punks who's leader wears roller skates (just for good measure) and even the Warriors colors are a pure winning effort on the part of the wardrobe team.
The movies main score is a really cool set of electric beats along with some late 70s rock including tracks like Nowhere to Run and Joe Walshes in the City which is played by a female radio DJ who is also out for the Warriors blood.
The Warriors is a movie that anyone can understand and it appeals to anyone. I first saw this movie when I was seven and now 20 years n it is till one of my all time favorite movies. The movie is just pure magic from start to finish and anyone who doesn't like it can fuck off and die!
In 2005 Rockstar games released a beat em up video game of the Warriors on Xbox and Playstation 2 and the game was a big hit and also an artistic success. The game also brought a lot more depth to the story line of the movie and even put a prequel story line in there as well as a Streets of Rage style beat em up as an unlockable.  So great movie, great game and if you have never experianced the Warriors I really urge you to do so and as soon as possible!!!

2 Feb 2012

COMICS: FROM HELL by Alan Moore and Eddie Cambell

From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Cambell is without a doubt one of the most gripping graphic novels you will EVER read. Although the Johnny Depp movie was kind of hit and miss this book is flawless.

The book is based on the true story of Jack the Ripper the first ever recorded serial killer who murdered 5 prostitutes in the autumn of 1888. Even to this day the identity of the killer is still unknown and is still very topical 124 years later.

The book goes along with the royal conspiracy where Queen Victoria ordered her surgeon Sir William Gull to carry out the murders to silence the women who had knowledge of a secret which could place the Queens grandson into a huge scandal.

The book is a work of fiction but with how historically accurate the details are you kind of forget that this is a comic book and really believe that with every page you turn you are getting closer and closer to the truth behind the most famous unsolved crime of all time.
The book is illustrated using only black ink and the illustrations are absolutely breath taking and really do a superb job bringing the 19th century London to life.
The book also pulls no punches when it comes to sex, foul language and violence. There are detailed illustrated scenes of full penetration sex, mutilation and tons of swearing. The book really gives you a realistic account of how brutal and savage times were in the poverty stricken streets of Whitechapel were during this time.
All in all From Hell is a must have for any graphic novel fan and anyone who considers them selves a "Ripper-ologist" (a term described for people who know about the case in great detail) or just anyone who wants to read something which you cant put down. From Hell does an amazing job blurring the line between fact and fiction and by the end you will find it hard to believe its a work of fiction.