30 May 2012


So five months ago on the debut episode for Project Overkill and announced on the show that I would no longer be hosting any shows after that episode. Five months later I am back with the sequel and stronger than ever. At the time of my last show I was going various problems in my personal life and with running this website as well as my own business it was all getting a bit much. Plus the fact my departure from my previous show with Squid did not go as smoothly as I would have wished. Lost Entertainment nor my radio shows have ever been the place to moan and complain about things and never will.

So after five months of kicking some serious ass in the life department I am back and stronger than ever. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that believed in me and helped me return to the airwaves. Also to all the bands that reach out to me and do the amazing stuff you do.

The next episode will air in July hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed playing it.  

There will be a another podcast from me and Jack Hennessey at some point soon and hopefully a classic rock show with Steve Scanlon in the summer.

Thanks again


27 May 2012


I am loving the weather at the moment but my cat is sweating it's bollocks off. Next week there will be more summer madness going on here at Lost Entertainment with some retro summer video gaming, a movie review and the Super Soaker will be joining us.

Today just chill, live well, and like that song said "wear sunscreen". I got sunstroke Friday and burnt my feet after sitting outside writing the Sunny Delight article. I am well brown now so I had the last laugh.


25 May 2012



So today I write this one sat in the boiling hot sun on my laptop. The weather is so hot that the keys of my keyboard burn my fingertips every time I touch them. So today I really fancied some Sunny Delight but could not find any anywhere in the shops. It then dawned on me that I haven't seen or heard from this product in a long time. Heres one of the ads to jog your memory.

Back in the 90's Sunny Delight was one of the highest marketed beverages around and was a close third to Pepsi and Coca Cola. I along with Alan Partridge loved the stuff and so did millions of others.

After doing some research about Sunny Delight I found out some hilarious stuff which was fresh news to me. After having many years of successful trading the company got into a spot of bother with a lawsuit. When broken down it turned out Sunny D only contained about 5% fruit juice and rest was just corn syrup and a load of other stuff which tastes nice but in the long run isn't good for you whatsoever.

Some Welsh kid who downed ridiculous quantities of the drink on a daily basis ended up turning orange. The parents decided to sue and from there it went from bad to worse. If this incident would have happened in Essex I  am sure the product would have been praised instead of shunned upon. If you are not familiar with Essex it is a small county just outside of London where breast implants are encouraged at the age of nine and everyones main goal in life is to be more orange than Hulk Hogans right testicle.

Now in these situations I am always on the side of the defendant instead of the prosecutor. People that sue cigarette companies because they got cancer and Coca Cola because it made their teeth fall out really annoy me. Its like suing playboy because one of their magazines gave a 14 year old kid a boner. Any type of product used in excess will always be a bad idea. It's like drinking five pints of milk or even orange juice it self will make you sick or rather unwell.

Sunny Delight didn't bounce back from this and more and more of these orange children were emerging from everywhere. There is no photographic evidence of this phenomenon but this isn't an urban legend this is fact (according to Wikipedia) that these cases did exist. 

Shit got even worse when thousands of gallons of the beverage leaked into a river in Somerset turning it orange. Sunny Delight did make a comeback and is still available but it will never bounce back to its former glory. I hope you have a good weekend and enjoy this glorious weather. I'm off now to drink a few gallons of Panda Pops to see if I turn into a giant Panda or maybe a goth so I can sue some people.

23 May 2012


For the attention of American readers of Lost Entertainment there will be a Jawsfest weekend at Martha's Vineyard. Martha's is the filming location of the original Jaws movie and there will be a full weekend of Jaws related shenanigans.



Back in 1992 Planet 24 (co owned by the miserable Bob Geldof) released a revolutionary morning show on Channel 4 called the Big Breakfast. Morning TV shows in the UK up until this point were miserable and depressing to the point that if a host smiled Hell might have just frozen over. The Big Breakfast was the ultimate alternative as it was light hearted, fun and very comical at times. The show ran from 1992 to 2002 and had many different hosts over the years but the most popular and prominent were Chris Evans and Gabby Roslin and Johnny Vaughan and Denise Van Outen.

If your memory is not as great as mine here is a quick video to remind you of the greatest UK breakfast show of all time.

I was always a big fan of the show and it made waking up that little bit better. I am a person who despises waking up even more than I despise anything else and that includes Rocky V and I really fucking hate that movie! The show had the wit, content and creativity which all the other Uk breakfast shows have always and will always be void of.

The show had edgy interview segments with the late ex Tube presenter Paula Yates, the introduction of 2 sock puppets called Zag and Zag and great competitions involving a giant paddling pool.

I really miss this program and think they should bring it back. If you feel the same way maybe we could all club together and start some sort of campaign or something?

The show was filmed at the keepers cottage at Old Ford Lock in east London. I was recently in the area so I had a quick nose to see what the house looks like now.

This is what the house looks like today. The amount of razor wire may indicate that the house is now owned by a paranoid drug lord or it is there to stop weirdos like me from snooping around. There were cars parked outside so I assume that the house does have occupants. I noticed the brickwork on the wall looks like it has been painted on but I couldn't get close enough to confirm. Getting shredded to fuck by razor wire and arrested for trespassing just to find out the texture of the brickwork is enough to get anyone sectioned under the mental health act.

This is the front garden as shown in the beginning credits of the show, The grass was definitely real. Although the security may look harsh you must take into consideration that the house is located in the heart of east London. This is the place famed for its knifed up Victorian prostitutes, twin pikeys who went round shooting and stabbing everyone and Dizzy Rascal.

I was thrilled to see that the back garden still had the cloudy backdrop and the almighty paddling pool. The paddling pool was always used during summer contests in which viewers called in and had to guess how many floating objects a man on an inflatable bed could throw out of the pool. There is a basketball net but I don't think that has anything to do with the show.

It was quite depressing going to visit the Big Breakfast house seeing it all tied up in barbed wire and massive fences. It's like the show got canceled and then they held the house prisoner for all of eternity. I can only compare it to the time I went to visit the BBC studios and found Ed the Duck and Mr Blobby chained to a wall in the basement.

21 May 2012


On Friday June 15th the movie that started off the summer blockbusters is back in theaters for a limited time only. I know everyone has already seen this movie a million times over but not many have seen it on the big screen. I will be in attendance to experience the all time classic in it's full screen glory.

Lost Entertainment's Summer extravaganza has begun and there was no bigger way to kick things off. There will be lots of Jaws related content coming your way in the next few months.

Even if it is pissing down with rain all the time Lost Entertainment will be the place to be this summer. The only thing that will be raining is great content to keep you all entertained over the next few months.

Jaws will also be released on Blu Ray this year.

17 May 2012


When ever a great toy line is released there will always be dodgy Mexican and Chinese companies that will make knock off versions of them. It is kind of like piracy in the form of toys. To avoid any legal issues these companies change the spelling of their toys and do all sorts of other customizations which more often than not, end up in disaster. Some times the toys them selves are great and you would not know the difference but in most cases these products are poorly made to the point where hilarity will always be prevail. The funniest thing is that these toys were made by non English speaking countries so most of the time they will be named in broken English. Even though these toys were fakes they are highly collectable and I have seen some go for fortunes. Here are some examples of some classic bootleg toys.


This is a great bootleg toy of Robocop except for one thing.. the packaging. They could have called this toy "Robot Cop" or "Cyborg Cop" but fucking "Robert Cop" is probably the worst thing that anyone could suggest. When I was a kid I spent a lot of my childhood abroad and bootleg toys were available everywhere. I picked up my Robert Cop in Gozo which is one of the smallest islands in the universe.


Cashing in on the Transformers wave that swept the planet during the 1980's and also the fact that everyones favorite train will always be over, some weird Japanese company made this classic knock off. I named this one Op"Thomas" Prime and I don't know what the original toy was called. If you think that this cross over hybrid is bad then the next one will amaze you even more.


Ever wondered what would happen if you mixed Jesus and God together? Well this is the shocking result! A crucifix wielding robot from Japan. I have no idea what so ever what God (if that is his real name) or Jesus have to do with anything but it works as far as I am concerned. I wonder who would win in a fight between God Jesus and Robert Cop 2? I don't know if God Jesus is a bad guy or a good guy as he looks quite menacing. Also who would his enemies be? A bloke dressed as a scientist called the Atheist? Hang on one minute I have the answer!


Now these are blokes in suits with the heads and legs of Transformers. Corporate greed mixed with cyborg technology makes these figures the ultimate bad guys. I blame them for JFK and September the 11th. These figures are so bad that they are almost modern art.


The Mr T boxing puppet was a classic. With Mr T being the most famous guy on the planet in the 80's he also became the target of many bootleg toy makers. There were many of these puppets released of all sorts of different characters and celebs but the Mr T one is the most remembered. The puppet had levers inside which when pressed would make the puppet throw some punches. This was an amazing bootleg toy but shame about the dodgy Islamic robe..


This is a hideous bootleg A-Team van from the 80's. If you couldn't afford a real A-Team van then I guess this would have been your only option. There's not much I can say about this really, its just a shit van with some stickers on it.


I am not sure if this is a Mr T bootleg figure or a Mr T tampax device? Either way it is proper rubbish. Maybe the string is meant to be a pony tail like that bloke in Kickboxer had? Or it is a Christmas tree decoration.? It looks like he has a glass eye as well. I piity the fools who can't make decent Mr T knock offs.


This is a god awful Nintendo Game Boy rip off. Yet again the wells of originality and creativity run very shallow when it comes to naming this product. God awful thing that made any long car journey and plane ride ten times worse.


This is a really bad Incredible Hulk knock off but as a kid I would have been happy with this. I must say he is rocking a pretty badass afro.

I actually like this bootleg Hulk figure. It looks like Lou Ferringo but also looks like zombie on steroids. Actually the more I look at this figure the more it scares me. Kinda has the same vibe of a cursed painting.


This is a classic example of a shitty bootleg He Man toy. With the popularity of the Masters of the Universe line a few decades back He Man bootlegs swarmed like a plague of Locusts. Some of them were cool and were welcome additions to your home made Eternia. Others were welcomed to being set on fire and other means of torture.


This is a knock off Woody from Toy Story. You can tell by the sadness of this Toys eyes how he hates being a bootleg toy that has been frozen forever in a suggestible pose. Bend over a Barbie in front of this toy to see what I mean. He should be casted for the next Toy Story movie.


Just like Robert Cop 2 Nightmare Feddy is a brilliant knock off apart from the terrible naming on the package. What the fuck is a Feddy?? 


Here is another knock off Freddy figure. This came from a line of toys that also had a Dracula, Frankenstien and another weird monster. I painted the white stripes on my one green because it really bothered me! After that it didn't look to bad.


These are not as epic as the Thomas the Tank bootleg I mentioned earlier. These knock offs that have used the exact moulds of the real Thomas the Tank Engine toys and just re-sprayed them in horrible greens and brighter colors. Insert Thomas the Wank engine joke here..


Finally we come to the Super Hero section of the bootleg toys. Super heroes are the most targeted group when it comes to bootlegging exploitation. Most of the super hero toys I owned as a kid were bootleg copies. Sometimes they make decent ones but like usual 90% of them are dog shit rubbish! Look at the above picture for an example. Not only is Supermans costume the wrong colors but his eyes are crossed as well. The "S" on his chest must clearly stand for "Spaz" in this case.


This 6 pack of decent figures also shares the curse of Robert Cop with the broken English packaging. Sense of Right? Actually its growing on me. I love how the yellow Ranger is thrown in the mix also.


Silver bat is Batgirl riding a horse. It is battery operated so God knows what this thing does when powered up. More than likely kicks its legs and plays the theme song from Spider Man!


Super Bat is a radio controlled skateboard with Batman riding it. If you cant afford a Tony Hawks game then I guess this could come in handy. 


This is a decent Superman figure but "Specialman" is probably the least flattering name of the lot. 

I am not going to even say anything about this one.


14 May 2012


Last Thursday I went to the Hope and Anchor in Upper Street Islington to watch some bands. Was a great night all the bands done a fantastic job and it was another great night organized by Nightshift Promotions. Check out Nightshift Promotions by clicking here to see whats coming up in the future. This promotion does great nights, with great talented bands and the entry fee is great value for money. Here are the band photos click the band names to check them out also. Hopefully should be playing some of them on my upcoming metal show.



When reviewing old school video games I like to do it as if I am reviewing fine wines and vintage ones at that. Some vintage games age very well and sometimes even get better with age. Games like Super Mario Brothers 3, Street Fighter 2, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tetris, Resident Evil 2, GTA Vice City and so on.

The first Max Payne game is also a game which has aged very well and is an undisputed classic shooter, which was very innovative and a blast to play. However Max Paynes 2003 sequel was no where near on par. This statement may make fans of the series burst in to fits of rage but please hear me out.

I bought the original Max Payne for the PC when it was released in 2001 and thoroughly enjoyed playing through it. Yeah there were parts of the game which sucked like dodgy plat-forming and horrendous dream sequences that went on for far too long, but I let that pass as this was a new ground breaking video game.

With the upcoming release of Max Payne 3 I decided to play through the second game as I had never done so before. I was expecting a much greater game than the first which would add new elements and remove the ones which were detrimental to its predecessor. When I started to play through the first few levels I was enjoying it and then disaster struck. It seems that not only have Rockstar left the annoyances of the first game in this latest outing but have even added a few more.

The horrendous plat-forming (which really harmed the first game) has returned yet again. Max can only jump like 1 feet in the air and with the tiniest of tickles to the analog stick you will be plummeting constantly to your doom.. unless you saved. The saving option in this game is horrendous also. In the first game there were autosave check points but no option to save when ever you like. In this outing the autosave check points are gone and manual saving is the way to do it. So if you have blasted away through a large part of the story untouched and then you fall to your doom, unless you have saved you will have to start from the beginning. Also during one point of the game saving actually rendered my game un-winnable  where I had saved the game just as I was about to walk into a trap.

I had to start over and use multiple save states to progress through the game and found myself having to constantly save all the time which really spoiled the flow of the game.

The games graphics are top notch for 2003 standards and yeah a lot of the enemies all look the same but thats nothing to moan about really. The sound however is a very lazy effort as 90% of the sounds in the game have just been re-used from the first game. Every person dies with the same annoying ouch and for a game this recent it is a pathetic effort. Even Wolfenstein 3d had more death cries than this!

One good thing is that the annoying dream sequences from the first game have been removed which was something I was pleased about. The games story line starts off good but nose dives from there to a conclusion which really does not give the game or the series any decent closure like the first game did. After completion you kinda feel like you shouldnt have even bothered in the first place.

When the game was originally released it was reviewed 9.4 by one of the biggest gaming websites. Playing this game almost 10 years later it really seems like more of a chore than a gem. This game has not aged well what so-ever and yeah I will play the next game in this series when it comes out but this one sucked. 

9 May 2012


I like to go to second hand stores and buy old video games for next to nothing. Being someone who owns almost every console ever made its always a win win situation picking up decent games for a cheap price. I recently picked up The Sopranos Road to Respect on Playstation 2 for like £2 or something in that price range.

Being a huge fan of the Sopranos TV show and crime based video games in general I thought I would give it a go and see how it would pan out. The games story line is set in-between seasons 5 and 6 of the TV show and tells the story of Big Pussy's son Joey moving his way up in the ranks of the family.

For a video game story line it is quite well told and keeps you interested the whole way through. The entire story (and game) is not very long and I did manage to play through it in a matter of hours. I don't see that as a bad thing though as some of my favorite games of all time like Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid can be done in the same amount of time if you know what your doing.

The gameplay of this game is quite surprising and goes down the route of a button bashing beat em up instead of the GTA route like The Godfather did. In fact shooting people will only end up making you lose the game. I only had to use my gun like 3 times through the entire game.

The game controls are very poor and if you find your self surrounded by two or more enemies you have no choice but to button bash for dear life, as they just hammer you to the point where you cant even move. There are certain hotspots where you can grapple enemies into torture situations but getting the enemies into the designated area becomes a long drawn out affair. In THQ's video game of the Punisher this was much easier to do and the objects of interaction had much more imagination. In this game however there will be a circular saw in a room for no reason and other unrelated props just slotted in for lack of creativity.

The shooting and aiming on this game is very poor, as it takes about 6 shots to finally down an enemy, and the shot gun has no aim what soever and you kinda just have to point you character in which way you want the bullets to go. Also during hand to hand combat mode there is no way of locking on to enemies and you will find your self constantly missing punches and melee attacks

The visuals on the game are great and are the best that PS2 can deliver. The cast of the Sopranos are brought to life with great visuals and the locations are top notch. Its cool to have a look around the Budda Bing and the other locations from the show as there has been a great level of detail included and you really do feel like you are part of the show. The game has got great blood and guts effects and when fighting faces get bruised and all kinds of messed up.

The games soundtrack is also top notch with superb voice acting by the real cast of the show and a brilliant music soundtrack from many popular artists at the time. The game has some great humor as well and playing through certain parts really made me chuckle. The game has some extra features like videos, concept art and a fun poker feature where you can play against the boys in Tonys office.

The Sopranos road to respect is an average game but if your a fan of the show and have a £2 to spare then give it a go. If you are not a fan of the show then avoid this one. 

7 May 2012



Hope you all are enjoying this sunny bank holiday Monday. This past weekend we recorded the first episode of the Lost Entertainment podcast. It is here to be played on the site or FREE to download and should be making its way to itunes in the next few weeks.

It is hosted by me Kristian Rodriguez and Jack Hennessey of Obnoxious Sundays fanzine. On the show we discuss the Avengers, crashing live action role plays dressed as robots, smelly grungers and our teenage porn confessions. As always the topics and opinions are quite brutal and if you are easily offended go eat a dick!