28 Aug 2012


Its been 2 years since Kristian and Steve have been on the radio and now after a long wait they are back the SAK Episode II. Fresh out of recovery Steven is interviewed by Kristian Rodriguez at the close of the program with hilarious results. Some amazing tracks played also, this is one show you dont want to miss! Listen via the gadget below. FREE TO DOWNLOAD


24 Aug 2012


The Lost Entertainment Summer Party comes to an end this bank holiday weekend. The summer season was a huge success with the highest ratings of all time for the site. I would like to thank YOU all for stopping by to read Lost Entertainment during the rainy days of summer 2012. 

Jaws week was a huge success and I would like to thank Jim Beller the Jaws collector for all of his help and assistance with my Jaws articles. Big thanks to all the bands that contributed to Project Overkill episode II (Episode III will follow soon) and Trav for donating some great artwork on Lost Entertainment.

There hasn't been been much activity in the past fortnight in terms of posting as I am currently preparing for the halloween countdown which starts midnight September 1st. The site will be given a new gory design to celebrate the event. 

Hope you enjoy the last weekend of your summer as much as I'm going to. 

Kris Rodriguez


21 Aug 2012


NPC stands for "Non Playable Character" in the world of video gaming. In some cases there are great non playable characters like the rocket launching police in Streets of Rage, 8 Ball in GTA III, the Green Reptile from the first Mortal Kombat game and even the butler from Tomb Raider 2.

Most of the time NPC'S are annoying fuckers who do nothing but spoil a pleasant afternoons gaming with their intrusive and infuriating annoyances. Heres some of the most annoying characters that have really got under my skin. I am sure the following tirade will be full of swearing so if you're under the age of 18 you better fuck off or something.


This is the most recent NPC that has gotten under my skin over the last few months. Zimos is a pimp who talks through an auto tuner and is hands down one of the most annoying cunts you could ever meet in a video game. Just for the record anyone who likes or has ever used auto tune can fuck off and die. Zimos can fuck off and die as well. After completing the game I have killed this guy about 500 times and thoroughly enjoyed it each time.


These little shit cunts have been annoying me since 1991 and even after 21 years of hatred I still have a real grudge against these characters. Maybe it might come out in therapy that I despise these characters so much because my father is an actual midget or something. I hate these guys soo much how they just go around thieving like pikeys stealing magic potions and being stingy with health packages. I also hate the fact that you can only attack them by kicking them up the arse. So Sega say its ok to kick a midget but dont chop one with a sword because then thats out of order.


I am a fan of the Assassins Creed series but the first game really hasnt aged well and Al Mualim maybe one of the most annoying video game characters I have ever had the displeasure of not being able to skip talking. The guy just gasses and gasses on and on and theres no skipping it. The cunt just does not shut his mouth, I was glad when I got to kill him in the end.


When the Sims Livin Large expansion pack was released in late 2000 we could buy lots of new and creative products to kit out our virtual homes. One item included was a painting of a clown, and if your sim's got depressed while the painting was on display the clown would appear in your house. Not just any clown.. but a fucking miserable excuse of one which suffered from crying fits and depressive outbursts. If the painting was removed the clown would leave, but until that point you would be stuck with the guy in your house for eternity. One good thing though, you could kill the clown so it wasn't all that bad. Using the old swimming pool with no ladder trick used to sort him out in no time.. well 2 sim days so about an hour in real time.


This dog maybe one of the most annoying NPC's of all time. He would mock and laugh at you for not being able to kill ducks with a light gun. This dog made me so angry once that I destroyed my copy of the game by stamping on the cartridge at the age of 7.


Lance Vance is one of the most hated game characters I have ever hated. The reason I hate Lance isn't because he betrays Tommy Vercetti at the end of the game, but because the AI on this guy has made me fail so many missions it is beyond belief. There's nothing more irritating than failing a mission because of a character you cant control, driving back to the mission start only to do it again because of the same character. Lance Vance will go down in history as one of the most despised characters in video game history.


Otis is a character which has been slagged off in great detail on Lost Entertainment once before (read) and he returns again to take his rightful place among gamings most hated NPC's. Otis the sweet old man from Dead Rising? yeah thats right! this old cunt will hound you with intrusive radio calls through out the game which you cant skip just so he can inform you he has seen someone browsing near the supermarket. Read the past article to hear me vent in great detail about this guy.


This bitch is something else! Constantly codec messages you throughout the whole game asking you stupid questions about what day it is and how did you meet her. Shit is fucking annoying especially while you are trying to save the world from a nuclear holocaust and having to answer the raidio every 5 minutes just to listen to this emo cunt moan all the time. I hate this bitch!


This is that ugly ginger bitch that Niko is sweet on in GTA IV. I wined and dined this ginger fucknut all over Liberty City when I first got the game and she never put out once. I was glad when she got shot at Romans wedding. Roman was also equally annoying with his phone calls about going bowling while I am trying to shoot down an LCPD helicopter.


Although he was called the "advisor" he should have been called the criticizer as all this twat did was moan about everything you did in theme park. "The drinks are to cold" or "the fries are to salty" to "the whole park is covered in puke and piss and 3 people have just died" were just some of things this guy would tell you off about on a daily basis. As if I am gunna take advice from some nob with a shit bow tie and rubbish top hat anyway.

9 Aug 2012


Belushi's at London Bridge will be showing WWE Summerslam live on Sunday August 19th

There is a live band from 10pm, the wrestling starts at midnight, we're open until 5am and there are £2.50 pints of snakebite all night.


With this summers Olympic games drawing to a close I thought I would write something relevant to the subject. Kurt Angle is the ONLY Olympic Gold medalist to ever go on to professional wrestling. The Iron Sheik has claimed for many years that he is also a gold medal winner but this is a fabrication. However you can't do anything but love the Iron Sheik so we have to let that one slide. Many other Olympians have entered the world of pro wrestling. Some have had major success but others have had very little luck in the squared circle. Today I am going to take a look at some of the most memorable characters with an Olympic background.


Mark Henry qualified for the 1992 Olympics but is more remembered for captaining Team USA in Atlanta 1996. Henry suffered a back injury and finished 14th. Henry was soon snapped up (by the then) WWF soon after and made his first appearance at Summerslam 96. Henry dubbed the world's strongest man was later put in the Nation of Domination faction along side The Rock and Owen Hart. 

In the last 16 years Mark Henry has won many titles including the World Heavyweight Championship last year. Henry is one of the longest contracted individuals on the WWE roster and is one of the most successful of the Olympians.


Kurt Angle won gold in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics in the Mens Freestyle Wrestling event. While competing during this event Angle was suffering from 2 herniated discs and fracturing of the cervical vertebrae. Kurt Angle would go on to win the event even with these severe injuries.  Angle would go on to be the only Olympic Gold Medalist in history when he debuted in the 1999 Survivor Series event.

Angle dominated the WWE for 7 years having legendary feuds and matches with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chris Benoit, The Rock, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and even got a win over Hulk Hogan in 2002. 

Angle  made the transition from amateur wrestling to pro wrestling with the quickest of ease. Angle is one of the greatest wrestlers to ever live and is definitely worthy of a WWE Hall of Fame induction. Angle now wrestles for TNA Impact Wrestling. Angle was going to try out for this years USA Olympic Wrestling team but had to pull out due to a knee injury.


Jorge Gonzalez competed in the 1988 Olympic games, playing for the Argentinean basketball team. Gonzalez was the tallest basketball player to ever play professionally at a staggering 7 foot 6 inches. Gonzalez was soon snapped up by the Atlanta Hawks owned by Ted Turner. It was only a matter of time he was wrestling for Turners WCW as El Gigante. Although Gonzalez was very limited at best with pro wrestling skills, he was still a great attraction and when he jumped over to the WWF in 1993 he made a huge debut (or one of gigantic proportions even) at the Royal Rumble.

Gonzalez's feud with The Undertaker in 1993 was one of the biggest talking points in 1993. It was the first time The Undertaker had an opponent who could dwarf and dominate him. However the matches did not deliver the goods and Gonzalez was gone by the autumn of that year.


Ken Patera was a power lifter and shot putter who competed in the 1968 and 1972 Olympic games. Ken Patera was also a worlds strongest man competitor who made the jump to pro wrestling in the late 70's. He would take part in many different tests of strength against guys like Mr Universe Tony Atlas involving bending iron bars and even blowing up hot water bottles until they popped.

Patera made a splash in the WWF during the rock 'n wrestling era during the 80's. However he will always be remembered for his actions outside the ring during his time spent there. When a Mcdonalds restaurant refused to serve him and Masso Saito (another fellow Olympian turned pro wrestler) Patera responded by throwing a boulder through the restaurant window. Patera would serve jail time after this incident.


Danny Hodge is an old schooler from the N.W.A who was a renowned amateur wrestler and boxer from Oklahoma. He competed in the the 1952 and 1956 Olympic team and brought a Silver medal back from the 1956 games. Hodge was involved in a bizarre feud during the 60 in which his father stepped into the ring and stabbed his opponent with a pen knife.

Not only just a great hand in the ring but Danny Hodge is still ranked even to this day as being one of the real legit tough guys in the sport. Jim Ross recently shared a story about how Hodge punched through the window of a submerged car in order to escape. Hodge (even to this day) can crush apples and bend pliers using only his bare hands.


Alan Coage was an American Judo bronze medalist in the 1976 olympic games. He would later become Bad News Brown/ Bad News Allen in Stampede wrestling and the WWF. He would go on to have many great feuds with Owen Hart, Bret Hart and Rowdy Roddy Piper.

There are a whole lot of similarities between Bad News Brown and Stone Cold Steve Austin. The black attire, the bald head, smash mouth style and the no nonsense attitude would make Steve Austin vs Bad News Brown a great fantasy warfare. Bad News Brown hated everybody and I can never recall seeing one tag match where he didnt say to hell with the rest of the team and storm off.  



Although he claims to be a gold medal winner the Iron Sheik never struck gold or managed to win anything at the Olympic games. However the Sheik was a tremendous athlete who did participate at a national level and done his country proud on many occasions.

The Iron Sheik would later become the WWF champion after ending Bob Backlunds four year run at the top. Hulk Hogan would beat the Iron Sheik in 1984 for the strap to begin the roller coaster that was Hulkamania. The Sheik is more famous nowadays for his outlandish outbursts on the internet where he threatens to anally rape his past wrestling foes. Sheik is also world renowned for his love of hard drugs and beer. The stories of the Sheiks party antics are the stuff of legend.

Enjoy the rest of the games.