24 Dec 2012


The Christmas Tree at the Lost Entertainment HQ.
So today is Christmas eve and we are one day away from the biggest day of the year. The Lost Entertainment Christmas countdown did not go as well as I had planned after my laptop gave out and had to be wiped last month.

Due to this ALL of the articles and content were lost (oh the irony) that I had prepared in the months running up to December. I still did my best to bring as much Christmas content as I could, but not as much as I had prepared and planned so again my apologies but there really wasn't anything I could do about it.

This will be the last post of the year as I am taking some time out over the holiday period. The comic store will be reopened in the first week January and there will be a January sale.

This year has been the hugest and most successful year for the site so far with views, subscribers and it even got some decent media coverage also.

I started the site 3 years ago next week and just did it as a way of a documenting movies I wanted to see and films I had recently watched. I never dreamed that the site would take off the way it has and the vast umbrella of subjects, topics and products which I have gone on to cover over the past few years.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who has stopped by and checked out Lost Entertainment over the past few years. I would also like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.



19 Dec 2012


A very good friend of mine called Tom Daines has started making some amazing models of characters from a wide range of genres. In the new year the Lost Entertainment store will be stocking some of his models in the web shop.

As these models are originals from the artist they wont be coming cheap I'm afraid. Toms models are of the highest quality to the finest detail.

Tom also can create any custom models on request. If you wish for a custom model to be made please get in touch on the facebook page.

Here are some examples of Toms handy work. Also the store reopens in January and there will be a sale on a comics so make sure you stop by and take a look at whats on offer.






16 Dec 2012


So 1996 the year when the Spice Girls dominated the music charts, 2pac got shot, Independence Day hit the big screens and England painfully exited the European championships in the summer to Germany.

Christmas 96 was also pretty awesome due to the fact that the Trotter brothers finally became millionaires in Only Fools and Horses.

Christmas 96 was also pretty awesome for yours truly as I got some fucking amazing presents. Like usual I will be reviewing my top five presents from that year.


I was overjoyed when I got the double box set of the first series of Bottom from one of my sisters for Christmas. I love Bottom as it is one of the foulest programs ever made and it has some great fight scenes. Not to mention the fact that Bottom is very fucking funny. I was more than pleased to get this at the time. Very pleased indeed.


Believe it or not but I am actually a big fan of Oasis.. well the early stuff anyway. My sister got me the ultra rare singles box set which was styled in the same way as a box of Benson and Hedges cigarettes. This is a collectors item and I lent it to someone at work a few years ago and they dropped it and cracked the box. I really hope the person in question is dead now or seriously ill!


I have said before in previous articles how much I hate alarm clocks as I resent anything that disturbs my sleep. However the Only Fools and Horses alarm clock was different as it looked really cool. When the alarm would go off one of the fl;;at windows would light up and Del Boy would say "Rodney wake up you dipstick" and then play the shows theme. I took the batteries out and ended up using it as an ornament.


I am a huge football fan and I was a massive Subuteo enthusiast also. The only thing with Subuteo was the pitch was massive and the football was bigger than the players. Pro Action Football was a much more improved update of table soccer with a smaller pitch and more realism. The players all had magnets and the ball was magnetic also. This meant the players could dribble the ball and by pressing a players head he could pass and shoot the ball around. The goal keepers also had magnetic chests and could save and pick up the ball with ease. Best table football game released EVER!


So my main present of 1996 was the Sony Playstation with Fifa 97. I still have my PS1 and all the games and I will always have a lotta love for this console. I remember being blown away at how the footballers on Fifa had numbers on their backs and the fact the game had real play by play commentary. With my Christmas money I purchased Die Hard Trilogy a few days after Christmas.


14 Dec 2012


Last week I reviewed Jaws the Revenge and I pointed out that not only is it the crapest Jaws movie ever made but also the worst Christmas movie ever made. The earlier part of that may be truer than the latter as while looking up Christmas movies to review for the site I came across some movies that I really need to name and shame. So here we go with some of the shittiest Christmas movies ever made.


One thing we know for sure is that movies and Hulk Hogan don't really mix well in terms of artistic value. Recently Hulk has been in the headlines for starring in another kind of movie which is blue and contains him banging his best friends wife. I was going to look it up and see what all the fuss was about. When I came to type the words in I couldn't do it.. I just couldn't do it! 

Hogans shitty fake hair is the only thing that is funny in this one.
I and I am sure millions across the world have the same sentimental affection for the Hulkster going back from childhood WWF memories. Watching Hogan "Hulk up" on some dudes wife was just something I couldn't bring my self to watch. It would be like watching your granddad having it off so its just not right. Plus last time I watched a wrestling related porn film I discovered Chyna had an over sized clit which looked like a little cock.

Santa With Muscles is just as bad as any the above mentioned porn in the sense that this movie is just as horrific to watch. So Hulk Hogan is this asshole who ends up thinking he is Santa and he has muscles. This movie is so bad it make Paranormal Activity 3 look like an artistic master piece. This movie is up there for top contender among the shittest films ever made. 


Technically this is not a movie and in fact according to George Lucas this never happened. The sad thing (or should I say the absurd thing) is that this really happened. The poster looks awesome and in 1978 millions tuned in to watch the Star Wars Holiday Special.

The Star Wars Holiday special was made just after the first movie and I don't know if they thought there would never be a sequel to episode IV and decided to milk the mother for all its worth in one last ditch effort or.. George Lucas was smoking crack.

Nice haircut Luke!
The show starts out with Chewy and Han Solo in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon talking about how today is "life day" and Chewy needs to get back in time to see his family. We get to meet his family who are a very weird bunch of Wookies who actually have a nice house with lots of bookcases and all the trimmings.

Chewbacca's son who he simply calls "bllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrhhhhhgg"
Chewy's family are an annoying bunch of hairy twats who groan for about five minutes while Chewy's son annoys his grandad with a toy space craft. This movie then goes back and fourth with loads of famous people you've never heard of doing awful skits and terrible musical parts. 

The only coolish part of this whole awful mess is the fact they included a cool Boba Fett cartoon which was pretty cool. The Star Wars Holiday Special is one of the worst things you will ever see. If you like Star Wars you will fucking hate this movie/strange TV show.


13 Dec 2012


1992 was another cool year for me. I was still into wrestling and playing video games. Home Alone 2 and the Muppets Christmas Carol where going head to head at the box office during this holiday period also.

1992 was also another great year in the Christmas gifts department for me as yet again I got all the shit I wanted. So the other week I listed my favorite presents from 1991, so today I am going to be following up with the gifts I received a year later. I was only 8 years old during the Christmas of 92 so toys were still on the menu in regards to Christmas gifts.

So here are my top 5 gifts from the Christmas day of 1992.


THQ released a line of Home Alone action figures and dolls. THQ are now known for making video games these days but back then THQ was more known for making toys (hence why THQ stands for Toy Head Quarters) and as well as making these toys they made some terrible Home Alone video games to boot. The Kevin doll is something which I still have on display in the shop and it is something I treasure very much. The only problem with the Kevin doll is the fact he is pretty huge standing at 7 inches tall so it dwarfed any action figures I had so he wasn't very compatible with my other figures in that department. When you pressed a button on the figures back it would scream. Pretty cool but a very big figure.


Kenner released an ultra cool set of Terminator 2 action figures which well... just blew my fucking world to pieces. I was (and still am) the biggest fan of both the first and second movie so when these were released my mother got a massive ear bashing to buy these for me. A great line of action figures that all did something cool and came with great accessories also.


The Bio Flesh Regenerator was so fucking awesome and was a great surprise when I opened it. This toy could make little Terminator figures by molding putty around an exo skeleton by using a press device. It was so cool being able to make little Terminators and was a great prop for sending cyborgs back in time to fuck shit up. This toy ended up being rendered out of use do to well, overuse!


Atmosfear was a board game which became a best seller due to its uniqueness and shock appeal. The game was very ground breaking at the time due to it being a family board game which was played against an evil video tape starring the Gate Keeper. The idea of the game is to get six keys and get to the center and reveal a nightmare. If you pick up your own nightmare card you will lose but if it some one elses card you win the game. The game has a 60 minutes time limit which is displayed on the screen. I will review this game in its own article sometime soon as it is great enough to deserve one.


So Sonic 2 on the Genesis was what was dominating the Christmas market in 1992 and it was well deserved. Sonic 2 is my favorite Sonic game of all time and I still play it to this day. However at the time in 1992 I did not own a Sega Megadrive to play it so imagine the overwhelming feeling of joy I had when I opened up my main present and it was the Sega Game Gear along with Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The Game Gear was (in my opinion) the most superior hand held console released in the 90's. It was in color and the games were awesome. However the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 game on the Game Gear was a huge let down as it was insanely difficult to play but it wasn't the only game I got for it so it wasn't that much of a problem.


7 Dec 2012



Skyrim: Dragonborn 


So here is another addition to the Skyrim DLC, much different from the Dawnguard add on where you are bought into a vampire and human struggle. This add on offers you much more and something different, you visit an island called Solstheim. You are brought to this island because you are hunted down by a cult leaded by the original Dragonborn called Miraak. In this review I will be explaining more about the add on and what new features and gameplay they have added, without trying to give too much of the story away.


The features that they have included in this add on of Skyrim are much more useful including weapons, enemies and much more.

One of the main new features of the game is being able to smith new items such as Nordic armour, Bonemold armour and Stalhrim armour these are a new smithing trees within the game.

I have picked Stalhrim out as useful new feature because this is something completely new to Skyrim and to obtain this ore you will require an ancient nord pick axe. This is can be made in to your everyday usage such as swords, axes, shield and a bow.

They have also included four new shouts within Solstheim these are mainly found within dungeons and few of the shouts will be quest related if you want to unlock the whole set. They have also added a few spells to the game to I haven’t came across all of them yet and they have also added some new and new alchemy potions and ingredients. Plus they have also included few more dragon Priests within the game to.


New Enemies:

Ash spawn: 

Which is a type of human made from volcanic ash, apparently they started to appear around the Solstheim during an eruption on the island during the fourth era, they only occupy the south side of the island.


Are similar to small goblin like creatures these mainly work as large packs and they stick together.
When they attack other tribes around Solstheim they usual attack in overwhelming numbers, you will mostly find them in ruins and caves throughout the game


These are protectors of the Daedric god Hermaeus Mora and these creatures mainly live within the realm of Apocrypha protecting forbidden knowledge. Seekers also live within the realm of Apocrypha they are not the best looking things they are tentacled Daedra.


Is the main enemy within the game you will find out more about him as you go along, he is an old Dragonborn trapped in the realm of Apocrypha. He is currently severing Hermaeus Mora within his realm, Miaark is made more powerful by the influence of Hermaeus.



Dragonborn add on gameplay doesn’t change from Skyrim its self, you can still able to interact with the game exactly as you can in Skyrim. This is important because you will still get the enjoyment out of the game without it being changed.

The way that Dragonborn add on starts is by a group of loyalist from Miaark telling you, that you are not the true Dragonborn and you’re a fake (how rude), this straight away grabbed my attention because your supposed to be the only Dragonborn within Skyrim. (If anyone is having trouble starting the add on, I would suggest going to Windhelm).

The game offers you 20+ of gameplay including the side quests, with the story mode keeping you interested and challenging the more you progress .The black book which is need to complete the main story mode will provide you will a challenge confusing dark alleyways and puzzle’s that you will have to solve to progress further within the books. You can’t help but feel connected to the story and wanting to do the greater good for the people, earning your right to be called only true Dragonborn within Skyrim.

You will meet some interesting characters within Solstheim, make sure you try to talk to as many people you can within the main city Raven Rock. Remember talking to more people will sometimes give you more side quests to adventure on.

Plus Solstheim will offer you different landscapes from a small town made of out a giant mushroom, to part covered snow from an open ash wasteland. You will be kept busy with exploring as there is more than 30+ different locations within Solstheim, the island may look big at first but you will find it easy and fun to explore.


Overall this in my opinion is the best add on for Skyrim so far, I mean you have an whole island to explore, from more weapons, enemies, dungeons and to unlocking some new companions. What grabs my attention in the story is that there is a new force stronger than Dragonborn himself, you will have to bare the path of evil to defeat evil as that is the only way to succeed.


4 Dec 2012


I know what you are thinking, "Jaws? Christmas?" but yes there is a Jaws Christmas movie. I wish I was making it up but it happened. Jaws The Revenge is easily the worst sequel ever made (up there with Terminator 3 and Rocky V) and a great contender for the worst movie ever made prize also.

So the movie starts out its Christmas time in good old Amity Island and chief Brody's dead and his youngest son Sean is now the new chief of police. Not for long though as he get chomped to bits while unhooking a boat or something. Its very graphic when the shark bites his arm off with buckets of blood everywhere. When I first saw this movie when I was five and I remembered that and how fucking cool it was. Infact when I was five I remember thinking this was a great movie.

Now re-watching as an adult I can point out all of the blatantly obvious flaws and barrels of dog shit this movie contains. So the ridiculous plot of this film is that a great white shark has a grudge against the Brody family because their dead dad blew up a shark a few decades ago in the first movie. Hes not the first as for some reason in Jaws 3 (the previous sequel) another great white followed the very same family to Sea World! I understood Jaws 1 and 2 having the same family in the movie as the first two as they were set in the same place, but having the later sequels in different locations with the same family involved its fucking stupid. Its beyond science really how the fuck do these sharks know to have a beef with some family because one got blown up ten years before, it just doesn't make sense!

The family decide as Seans just been eaten that they should go and stay with Michael for Christmas and surprise, surprise he leaves at a beach! A beach in the Bahamas infact and this is where the movie goes beyond stupid when the very same shark follows them! Great white sharks are very fast and powerful individuals but they cannot swim faster than planes. I checked it out and they cannot also board planes either.

The great thing about the original Jaws movie was the fact that you did not see much of the shark and when you did it was on a rare occasion. Jaws the Revenge absolutely does not give a fuck and you constantly see the most unrealistic lifeless great white shark they have ever made.

The cast in this movie do their best I guess to try and do an honest job of an awful script. Michael Caine even has this terrible film on his CV acting as this sleazy English plane pilot bloke who keeps trying to bang chief Brody's distraught wife. She is pretty good even though she has to put up with the most insensitive family ever brought to the silver screen with "come swimming nan!" after her sons just been chomped to pieces by a shark. I would say its one to avoid but if you smoke a jay and watch this you will die laughing when the old lady stabs the shark with a boat its comedy gold.