14 Jan 2013



Back in the day Remco was a toy company which released many licensed  lines of action figures and play sets of famous TV shows, cartoons, movie and comic book figures.  The company was formed in the 1960's by two cousins from New Jersey. The company first filed for bankruptcy in the early 1970's and was bought out by anoother company called Azrak-Hamway International. Remco would still work and make products under the same name. In 1997 Remco was purchased by Jakks Pacific who would later go on to make the WWE figures for 13 years.


The Lost World of The Warlord action figures were a set of toys released by DC comics and made by Remco toys. The line also included figures of DC comics Arak and Hercules Unbound.

The figures stood at 5 or so inches tall and each figure came with accessories. The figures them selves were of a pretty good standard and were extremely similar to the Masters of the Universe figures which would emerge one year later and dominate the boys toy market for over the next 5 years.

The figures had 6 points of articulation so they were very flexible in terms of movement and display poses. 

The figures were of a very good standard in terms of detail and as well as including accessories and weapons they also included real items of clothing which is always a very awesome quality for any action figure or toy to have. 

Mint on Card Hercules Unbound figure by Remco.
The figures had awesome packaging and each figure had a different box design. A few different and rarer variations of the figures would emerge as well as horses as well as the ultra rare Lost World play set. The line did well but with Masters of the Universe exploding onto the scene a year later they had no chance of competing with that kind of awesomeness and the line finished. I have seen these figures go for different amounts over the years but the highest priced items will be mint on card figures and the ultra rare Lost World playest.


 In 1985 Remco acquired the license for the AWA Wrestling figures. Using the same molds used for the Lost World of the Warlord figures Remco would create the FIRST ever set of official licensed wrestling figures ever made.

These figures now days are the Holy Grail when it comes to collecting wrestling figures, as these guys are the rarest and most valuable wrestling figures around.

The figures were very unique as they were sold in pairs and only the last series (which is the rarest) sold individual figures on their own.

The second series of figures were released in packs of three which were tag teams along with their manager. The likeness of the figures are not too bad but on a whole the figures all had the same body mold, but this was not a major issue as most Masers of the Universe toys shared the same curse.

The AWA Remco ring was also the first ever officially licensed toy wrestling ring to ever be released. This ring is worth a hell of a lot of money now loose and if boxed you could be looking at spending a lot of money to buy one of these or gaining even more from selling one. NOTE TO ANYONE SELLING ONE OF THESE: MAKE SURE TO BUY REPLACEMENT ELASTICATED ROPES FROM EBAY IF YOUR OLD ONES HAVE PERISHED AS YOU CAN INCREASE THE VALUE!

Remco also released a championship belt which you could wear and place your favorite figure inside of to display. Why anyone would want to do this beyond me but yet again another shit 80's toy thats worth lots of money today.

Shortly after the release of these figures the AWA would be run out of business by the WWF and LJN went on to take over the wrestling figure toy market. Like I said earlier these figures now are the rarest and most expensive retro wrestling figures you can find.