18 Feb 2013


Back in the day before video games were any good, board games were the way to go when it came to interactive gaming. MB were and still are top players when it comes to the world of board games. I completely forgot about this board game ever existing until recently I found a piece of the game in a box and then it all came flooding back.

The walls, the stairs, the spinner, the characters and of course the infamous bouncing skull.

I am not sure if this game was made in the 1980's or older but I remember getting it around that time. The idea of the game was to get round the board by rolling the dice, climbing to the top of the stairs and closing a coffin at the top. The idea was that you had cleansed the soul of the ghost by shutting the coffin hence ending the haunting. How ever shutting a coffin or not, this isn't going to make this house full of bats and evil trees outside that much nicer. I personally think this house is a lost cause anyway but fuck it I will play along like usual.

The design and presentation of this game is flawless. I remember this being one of the first three dimensional board games I'd ever played. The walls were pretty strong and the artwork is fantastic. The main staircase in the middle was made of plastic and so were the bases of the playable characters. The characters were painted on die cut cards which were detailed on both sides which slotted into plastic holders. One of the walls had a doorway which had a suit of armor which would drop an ax a certain times to halt progress of any player unlucky enough to have it land on them.

The staircase was a very exciting edition to the game especially when a few players were rolling the dice to race to the top. The coolest thing about this game was the fact I used to use the set up for my Ghostbusters figures back in the day. Another cool thing about the stair case was that it had a skull which would roll down from time to time activating traps like the shaky floor and the ax.

You had to navigate the board via the colored floor footsteps displayed and spin the wheel when requested to. The players could also become scared stiff which would mean they would have to place a mask over there playable character and they would not be allowed to roll the dice until they spun the wheel correctly landing on a foot marker. Ghost Castle is an awesome board game which you can pick up on ebay for a decent price. Sorry for the lack of activity on the site last week as I am very busy at the moment with some great stuff which will be revealed in the coming months. K-ROD