20 Jul 2013



Future Pro Wrestling (FPW), is a consistently growing and developing British wrestling show right in the heart of Wallington. Every three months, the founders; Steve 'HD' Evans, Lee Elmer and Matt Burden put on a showcase of the best talent who always deliver high-flying and body slamming action at the most affordable prices. From fan favourites like Greg Burridge and the Swords Of Essex, to the  ultimate heels like Sir Thomas Chamberlain and The Lords Of The Rings, every show is raising the standard from the last.  

The most passionate fans are always in attendance and voicing their suggestions and nostalgic memories through social media. FPW also has an always expanding fan base of new friendly faces appearing at every show. As each show passes the matches become bigger, better and more fan interactive then ever through sign contests, raffle prize draws and of course, little children punching restrained grown men in the stomach. 

FPW provides a family environment that has something to offer for all generations of the family. The up and coming "School's In" show on the 8th of September is without a doubt highly anticipated and should be  attended by all regulars and new comers alike.