26 Nov 2013


Yes it's that time of year again! I haven't seen any Coca Colo trucks yet as I don't want much normal TV anymore (because its dog shit poor), but I have been told by someone who watches TV that its happened so I took their word for it.

Retro Argos catalogs are a big deal on Lost Entertainment and are the closest thing to a time machine you can find. Today we will be looking at the Argos Christmas catalog from 1993. Its not a big book and we will only be looking at the kids section.


So this page has some bubble bath bottles at the top which are themed on TV shows. There's a Gladiators one with a sticker of jet on the side and the lid is a molded Gladiator head which is awesome. I will be reviewing my Christmas gifts from 1993 and Gladiators plays a big part. There's also a bubble bath bottle shaped like Thunderbird 2 and a noddy one as well. I heard a funny joke about Noddy recently which really made me laugh. Why does Noddy have a little bell on his hat? Because he's a cunt!

This page also has some musical fairy lights wrapping paper and other generic Christmas items.

On this page we have some interesting stuff. The slogan on the bottom right hand side doesn't read very well to me. Surely it should say "get more for your money" instead of give? Oh well fuck it who cares apart from the internet spelling police.

On the top left hand side there is a Helix Treasure Chest which has a funny "contents not included" added on the side to make them bullet proof if a kid tries to sue them for not including the shitty Sonic the Hedgehog watch pictured inside of it. One of my friends still has one of these to this day and I have no idea what he keeps in it. One day I will find out and tell everyone.. if its something valuable I will just steal it or something.

On the top right we have Aladdin stationary sets and an Aladdin umbrella. Aladdin was the huge Disney movie from 1993 and was loved by both girls and boys so the toys and merch did very well that particular Christmas.

Now on to the bed sheets and we have some really cool sets to talk about. First up there's the Jurassic Park set which is just plain awesome. I have talked about the merchandise from this movie in many different articles on this site before. If you look on the side table by the bed you will spot the Kenner T-Rex and Raptor action figures.

There is a Sonic the Hedgehog 2 bed set as well. Sonic 2 was released one year before but was so awesome it ended up becoming a leading Christmas gift one year later as well.

There is also a Thunderbirds bed sheet set as well. Thunderbirds made a huge comeback during the mid 1990's and new versions of the toys and vehicles were released. 

There's some calligraphy pens and a rubbish teddy bear thing on offer as well.

This page is filled with the top of the range Hi fi and electrical entertainment equipment. Here we have a portable CD player which is the most expensive thing out of the lot. A portable CD player from this era would not have the shock resistant feature and would skip more than Rocky Balboa on speed. So a £149.99 would have been a bad investment. There's lots of blank tapes and a talking alarm clock which says the word "precisely" quite a lot.

On this page we have some Disney VHS cassettes, a keyboard, an acoustic guitar and a karaoke box. Yeah that's all I can say about this page.

OK Now we are talking! A whole page dedicated to Sega products from 1993. So we have the Sega Megadrive 2 which was the exact same as the Megadrive only it had red buttons on the console instead of switches. The console came with Sonic 2 and was reasonably priced at £127. There's also a deal with 4 games included to the right.

Underneath we have the Sega CD system which is £269 and was one of the biggest flops in gaming history. This piece of equipment clipped onto the Sega Megadrive and played CD games. The games however were complete dog shit and consisted of long badly acted out cut scenes, which then turned into even worse computer games. I remember laughing so hard at some spoilt kid who got one of these for Christmas the same year.

I got the Sega Game Gear a year before as my main Christmas gift and was still playing it around this time. The Master systems are still on sale in this book and going for a good price. The six button joypads were popular at this time as Street Fighter II had just been released on the Sega Megadrive. As the Megadrive only had 3 action buttons this did not work very well for that game and they had to invent a new controller for it.

The Menacer light gun just like every other light gun was just a pure gimmick which only worked for a handful of games and sucked when it came to working properly.

Now this is the last page I am reviewing as the rest of this book is full of girls toys and I don't review those. On these 2 pages we have all the video games that were on sale in December 1993. There are some of the greatest video games EVER made on these pages and they were fucking expensive. Now I mentioned Street Fighter II making its way to the Sega Megadrive console and this is the most expensive game in the book at a whacking £59.99!!! Its hard to imagine someone paying the best part of £60 for a game we can download online in a matter of seconds today, but it happened. Its almost poetic justice when the pirates started making money from illegal gaming a few years later. These prices in 1993 are fucking extortionate and they knew that they could charge it because parents are not going to ruin Christmas 1993 for their children by not buying them Street Fighter II. If you got this game for Christmas in 1993 you should go and find your parents and hug them because that was a lot of fucking money back then and even more now. 

There are some awesome games on this page such as Super Mario World, Mortal Kombat, Jungle Strike and Aladdin just to name a few. I also spotted Bubsy here for a whacking £39.99 I wouldn't even pay 1p for that game and would probably take a dump on the box out of protest. I hate that game because one of my friends got it for Christmas 1994 and we spent almost the whole of 1994 trying to get past the first 3 levels. It was soo hard beyond belief and sucked so bad. 

The Nintendo Entertainment System is holding on by its claws at this point on the bottom right hand side of the page. Poor old NES.

20 Nov 2013







15 Nov 2013


Today is officially Flashback Friday! Flashback is one of the greatest side scrolling games ever made and was a huge deal back in the day when it was released on Amiga and the domestic consoles.

The game prided it self on being a CD Rom game which was packed onto a cartridge. The game had the most fluid animation and motion capture for its time, relying on the same technology used for the Prince of Persia games. Flashback was a side scrolling action platform game which also had some tricky puzzles to solve along the way.

The games plot is about a young man called Conrad Hart who stumbles upon an alien conspiracy to destroy all humans. He gets caught and his memory gets erased. He manages to escape but crash lands in a jungle on the planet Titan after he is shot down by an alien space craft.

In order to complete the game Conrad must get his memory back and stop the aliens before its too late. The game was a huge artistic and commercial success spanning over all of the big consoles and home computers. The games graphics were the best for its time and it has some of the smoothest animations of any video game made from that era.

The game was one of the first to use animated cut scenes which yes look dated today, but they were amazing at the time.

The game even used cut scenes when you used items or key cards which was pretty cool as well. The games overall game play and animations borrow heavily from the Prince of Persia series in which the main character runs, jumps, grabs onto ledges and climbs up them/swings down to navigate the levels.

The lead character of the game can die if he falls too far and has unlimited ammo in has hand gun. The fact you can draw and sheathe your weapon was a very innovative and cool addition for a game of its time. He also has a force field device which can be charged by machines located in certain parts of each level. When fully charged Conrad can take a few hits of gunfire. Later in the game you can pick up a laser force field device which deflects bullets right back at the enemies who fire them. There's also a teleportation device which you acquire later on in the game which teleports you to where ever you throw it. Because the game was pretty big save stations where implemented as well as a password system so you could power off without having to worry too much. The save station only worked for that period of play though and acted more as a level checkpoint.

The only real letdown with this game is the fact you have to do a lot of running around before you can complete a level. In fact you do more running around and solving puzzles than you do in combat. The games enemies are pretty cool and have fairly decent AI for a game made in the early 90's. The game was a huge success and is still a classic in many peoples eyes including mine.

Earlier this year Flashback was given a make over and remade for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 network by Ubisoft. The games difficulty has been increased and new features such as 360 aiming system has been added as well.

Although this is a pretty cool remake and a nod at the origina.

The only thing that lets it down is the poor voice acting. The cut scenes look beautiful in 2013 and the graphics are solid (and so they should be 20 years on).

A sequel to Flashback was made in 1995 called Fade to Black but I have never played it. I do plan to play it at some point though. Enjoy your weekend!

8 Nov 2013


A Sense of Freedom is the true story of Jimmy Boyle. Jimmy Boyle is a famous Scottish gangster from the 1960's who ruled the Glasgow underworld for many years. The film is based on his autobiography of the same title.

A Sense of Freedom is a movie of two halves. The first half being about his exploits on the streets of Glasgow and the second being about his incarceration for murder.

I first saw this film when I was 11 and to this day it's one of the most shocking and violent prison movies I have ever seen. The only thing it's missing is an anal rape scene but I think that's a good thing in a way. Even with that said this is still one of the most violent and disgusting films I have ever seen.. and I love it!

Thanks to this film and Trainspotting I never want to go to Scotland. The film has some amazing scenes of drama and violence throughout, and the fact it's all based on true events makes it that little bit more horrifying. From scenes where a mass knife fight happens on the streets of Glasgow which sprawls onto a double decker bus full of women and children to the non stop battles inside the prison walls (including a scene involving the dirtiest prison protest ever), this film will shock you like no other of its kind.

The film is well played and well made with David Hayman doing an excellent job in the lead role as Jimmy Boyle. The real life Jimmy Boyle served his time in jail and went on to become a famous sculptor and ended up doing a lot of good post prison.

7 Nov 2013


So many of you have got in touch asking if the comic store will be reopening and the answer to that question is YES!

The Lost Entertainment Comic Store has been renamed The Bootleg Super Store and will be open for business in the coming weeks.

The store has moved location to a new unit and we will be selling more than just comics. All the action figures (plus hundreds more) featured in the Bootleg Super Secret Wars will be going up for sale as well as art, clothing items and movies. The site is well under construction and should be here within the next few weeks. Prices have been slashed and hundreds of new titles have been added to the comic library.

Due to the massive task of moving shop and creating a new web shop (plus attending night school learning html programming), it has been very difficult to make any new content or articles for Lost Entertainment. Once the shop is up and running everything will return to normal in time for the festive season in which we will be bringing you some great Christmas related content. Until then spread the word.