7 Nov 2013


So many of you have got in touch asking if the comic store will be reopening and the answer to that question is YES!

The Lost Entertainment Comic Store has been renamed The Bootleg Super Store and will be open for business in the coming weeks.

The store has moved location to a new unit and we will be selling more than just comics. All the action figures (plus hundreds more) featured in the Bootleg Super Secret Wars will be going up for sale as well as art, clothing items and movies. The site is well under construction and should be here within the next few weeks. Prices have been slashed and hundreds of new titles have been added to the comic library.

Due to the massive task of moving shop and creating a new web shop (plus attending night school learning html programming), it has been very difficult to make any new content or articles for Lost Entertainment. Once the shop is up and running everything will return to normal in time for the festive season in which we will be bringing you some great Christmas related content. Until then spread the word.