30 Dec 2013


This year was an absolute banger for Lost Entertainment. It was the year we wrote about even more cool stuff and debuted the Bootleg Super Secret Wars. Today we take a look back at the most popular and important posts and articles of the year so lets begin.


So recently I sat down and watched Cannibal Holocaust for the very first time. This movie maybe the most controversial movie of all time and one of the most stand out flicks when you are talking video nasty's.

So the plot of the movie is as follows;

A group of documentary film makers go missing after going into the amazon to film a tribe a of natives who consume human flesh. A search party is sent out and they manage to gain the respect of the tribe and stay with them for a short period of time without being eaten. They also manage to salvage the film makers footage but not the film crew its self. A New York news television station wants to air the footage on national TV.

When the footage is brought back to New York and viewed and is very evident that the film crew were not the oh so innocent victims they were expected to be.. and they turn out to be the real savages.

Cannibal Holocaust is the first ever horror movie to be filmed in the Blair Witch style of "real" found footage film making. In fact the film seemed so real in fact that the director was arrested soon after for this movie was made. The film seemed so real that the authorities nabbed the movies Italian director Ruggero Deadato for charges of obscenity and making a real life snuff film. The film makers had to prove that the movie was in fact that, just a movie and were soon released. The movie would be banned universally soon after.

The movie as expected contains lots of very graphic and violent scenes which you would come to expect anyway with a title such as this. There are also many savage rape scenes which are quite disturbing. The thing which really pissed me off in this movie is that there are many scenes of animal cruelty such as a turtle being being mutilated while still alive, a monkey gets its brains bashed in with a hammer and some other quite shocking and sickening moments. I am a firm believer that NO animal or human should EVER be hurt or killed for the sake of a motion picture. This is my main grudge against this movie as I am a big animal lover.

Apart from the above mentioned animal cruelty Cannibal Holocaust is a great movie and very good social commentary on the civilized and the uncivilized. This movie could easily be remade at a good standard and would pack asses in movie theater seats if done correctly. However due to the animal cruelty I have to morally give this one a thumbs down. It is an experience to watch this film and it is something that will stay with you but I don't know if that is such a positive thing..



Back in the day Remco was a toy company which released many licensed  lines of action figures and play sets of famous TV shows, cartoons, movie and comic book figures.  The company was formed in the 1960's by two cousins from New Jersey. The company first filed for bankruptcy in the early 1970's and was bought out by anoother company called Azrak-Hamway International. Remco would still work and make products under the same name. In 1997 Remco was purchased by Jakks Pacific who would later go on to make the WWE figures for 13 years.


The Lost World of The Warlord action figures were a set of toys released by DC comics and made by Remco toys. The line also included figures of DC comics Arak and Hercules Unbound.

The figures stood at 5 or so inches tall and each figure came with accessories. The figures them selves were of a pretty good standard and were extremely similar to the Masters of the Universe figures which would emerge one year later and dominate the boys toy market for over the next 5 years.

The figures had 6 points of articulation so they were very flexible in terms of movement and display poses. 

The figures were of a very good standard in terms of detail and as well as including accessories and weapons they also included real items of clothing which is always a very awesome quality for any action figure or toy to have. 

Mint on Card Hercules Unbound figure by Remco.
The figures had awesome packaging and each figure had a different box design. A few different and rarer variations of the figures would emerge as well as horses as well as the ultra rare Lost World play set. The line did well but with Masters of the Universe exploding onto the scene a year later they had no chance of competing with that kind of awesomeness and the line finished. I have seen these figures go for different amounts over the years but the highest priced items will be mint on card figures and the ultra rare Lost World playest.


 In 1985 Remco acquired the license for the AWA Wrestling figures. Using the same molds used for the Lost World of the Warlord figures Remco would create the FIRST ever set of official licensed wrestling figures ever made.

These figures now days are the Holy Grail when it comes to collecting wrestling figures, as these guys are the rarest and most valuable wrestling figures around.

The figures were very unique as they were sold in pairs and only the last series (which is the rarest) sold individual figures on their own.

The second series of figures were released in packs of three which were tag teams along with their manager. The likeness of the figures are not too bad but on a whole the figures all had the same body mold, but this was not a major issue as most Masers of the Universe toys shared the same curse.

The AWA Remco ring was also the first ever officially licensed toy wrestling ring to ever be released. This ring is worth a hell of a lot of money now loose and if boxed you could be looking at spending a lot of money to buy one of these or gaining even more from selling one. NOTE TO ANYONE SELLING ONE OF THESE: MAKE SURE TO BUY REPLACEMENT ELASTICATED ROPES FROM EBAY IF YOUR OLD ONES HAVE PERISHED AS YOU CAN INCREASE THE VALUE!

Remco also released a championship belt which you could wear and place your favorite figure inside of to display. Why anyone would want to do this beyond me but yet again another shit 80's toy thats worth lots of money today.

Shortly after the release of these figures the AWA would be run out of business by the WWF and LJN went on to take over the wrestling figure toy market. Like I said earlier these figures now are the rarest and most expensive retro wrestling figures you can find.




Crossbows and Catapults is a game which will spark many memories that we have completely erased from our brains. This was the case for me after recently finding a piece from the game in a chest full of crap from the 80's. This game was very popular at the time and I (as well as lots of people) had it. If you wasn't born in time or was alive at the time and never had it.. you missed out big time.

The game was such a great idea many companies bought the rights and re made this game over and over again. From what I believe there is a new updated version in the United States which is still available.

The game came packed inside a massive box which like all 80's board games had amazing box cover artwork which just hooked you in the first time you laid eyes on it. So the object of the game was to set up your camps of either barbarians or savages by strategically placing them along with the brick walls and firing apparatus. The aim of the game was to take turns at firing the crossbows and catapults at the other camp until everyone was dead and everything was destroyed.

The weapons that were used to unleash hell on the opposing side were very well made. Using elastic bands for tension the catapults and crossbows shot discs at targets with a very good level of power and accuracy.

The game also had these towers which when the door is hit from a shot activates a bumper on the top which will make any figure standing on top go flying to his death. The games figures were of a pretty decent standard but not as good as Dungeons Dragons or Hero Quests figures in terms of detail. Many expansion packs were released which included horses and all other types of new accessories which were fun to annihilate with plastic discs. Crossbows and Catapults had a good run all the way through the 80's before dying out in the early 90's to become yet another Lost Entertainment gem.


So this week I found out that the house used for the Nightmare on Elm Street movies has gone up for sale. I would buy this house myself but I am short of the 2 million dollars its going for. Being the weird nosey little fucker I am I managed to get hold of the house brochure and today we will go inside one of the most infamous houses in horror movie history.

From the outside the house still looks the same but this is a new front door by the looks of things, The old front door had a little window in which Freddy Krueger ripped Nancy's mother through at the end of the first movie.

OK so now we venture inside and we are in the main hallway. The real horror of this, is the fact that this house has been transformed into one of them modern arty houses. You can tell by the green desk that this house is owned by one of them graphic designers who can turn your whole being into a logo and charge thousands for it. This is very upsetting for me as I feel this house should be a listed building minus silly fucking round arch walls. Its like if you went to the house from Resident Evil or Draculas Castle only to find Apple Macs and shit Banksy canvas's everywhere!

So this is the lounge area and it is hard to think this room once had an exploding canary flying about and booby traps set to catch out Freddy in the first movie. Each to their own but I really don't like the decor of this house. Not one bit. I am not saying there should be skeletons everywhere and little girls singing "1 2 Freddy's coming for you" outside, but this is really disappointing for a horror movie fan like myself. At least when I visited the Big Breakfast house they still had some of the shows gimmicks still lying around. Anyone who buys this house and has never seen the movies is a dick head end of! Maybe I am just very jealous of anyone who buys this home apart from Freddy Krueger or one of his future victims.

So now we enter the kitchen which surprise surprise has even more stupid orange furniture. I bet they call this collection the "citrus modern fusion" or some other bollocks. I get more and more disappointed with each room I see. Where's the fucking downstairs boiler room?????

So here's the famous staircase in which the steps turned into gungy shit like PVA glue when Nancy tried running up them to escape Freddy. Yet again this room has fallen victim to all this modern shit and nothing shouts poser more than an expensive canvas print of Sid Vicious out of the Sex Pistols.

So this is a bedroom I am not sure if it is the master bedroom or Nancy and Jesse's old room. I was about to say at least this room has no orange shit and then I clocked the desk!

So this is the bathroom and its a lot bigger and different to the set they used for the movie. It would be awesome to have a Freddy glove that pops out from time to time.

So this is a walk in wardrobe with a Audrey Hepburn rug. What grabs me is the fact that the people who own this house have a lot of money yet they still decorate their home with shitty iconic stock art which you can pick up at any Matalan or TK Max store for 20 quid. Get some taste for fucks sake!

The house a nice swimming pool at the back but from the back the house looks really weird. Kinda like the deformed half brother of the house from the Amityville Horror. I love the pool party in the second movie when Freddy turns up and fucks everyone up and makes the hot dogs explode!

So finally I take you to the downstairs basement where Freddy's glove used to be housed in a rusty old burner thing. Now its a utility room which thankfully has no orange shit. Well that's pretty much it if you have 2 million and you fancy buying a house from a horror movie and having weirdo's on your front lawn everyday taking pictures then this is the one for you.


Back in the day before video games were any good, board games were the way to go when it came to interactive gaming. MB were and still are top players when it comes to the world of board games. I completely forgot about this board game ever existing until recently I found a piece of the game in a box and then it all came flooding back.

The walls, the stairs, the spinner, the characters and of course the infamous bouncing skull.

I am not sure if this game was made in the 1980's or older but I remember getting it around that time. The idea of the game was to get round the board by rolling the dice, climbing to the top of the stairs and closing a coffin at the top. The idea was that you had cleansed the soul of the ghost by shutting the coffin hence ending the haunting. How ever shutting a coffin or not, this isn't going to make this house full of bats and evil trees outside that much nicer. I personally think this house is a lost cause anyway but fuck it I will play along like usual.

The design and presentation of this game is flawless. I remember this being one of the first three dimensional board games I'd ever played. The walls were pretty strong and the artwork is fantastic. The main staircase in the middle was made of plastic and so were the bases of the playable characters. The characters were painted on die cut cards which were detailed on both sides which slotted into plastic holders. One of the walls had a doorway which had a suit of armor which would drop an ax a certain times to halt progress of any player unlucky enough to have it land on them.

The staircase was a very exciting edition to the game especially when a few players were rolling the dice to race to the top. The coolest thing about this game was the fact I used to use the set up for my Ghostbusters figures back in the day. Another cool thing about the stair case was that it had a skull which would roll down from time to time activating traps like the shaky floor and the ax.

You had to navigate the board via the colored floor footsteps displayed and spin the wheel when requested to. The players could also become scared stiff which would mean they would have to place a mask over there playable character and they would not be allowed to roll the dice until they spun the wheel correctly landing on a foot marker. Ghost Castle is an awesome board game which you can pick up on ebay for a decent price. Sorry for the lack of activity on the site last week as I am very busy at the moment with some great stuff which will be revealed in the coming months. K-ROD



Got £18'000 spare to stick in a volcano? Well if you have then don't do it, instead spend it on renting the house from Scarface for a month!

It came to my attention that the mansion used in the movie Scarface has been up for rent in recent time. For $30'000 you can rent thi house for a month and actually live in it.

The thing is, if I had such money to afford this kind of eccentric holiday I would want to spend it sniffing coke and firing machine guns from the top of the staircase to complete the experience.

This house is up there as being the best house ever put onto the silver screen. The house is so iconic it was heavily referenced in GTA Vice City and became one of the perks for progressing through the game.

The mansion from Grand Theft Auto Vice City.
So today we are going to take a look inside the mansion from Scarface. Unlike the Nightmare on Elm Street house this one is actually pretty cool inside and hasn't been destroyed by graphic designers with orange furniture and cheap canvas pictures of Sid Vicious.

So here we have the front of the house and it is instantly recognizable even if you have only seen the film once. The mansion has seen better times since we last saw it, as by the end of the movie it was covered in bullets, blood and coke!

The house has a lot of grounds and is extremely well maintained. Unfortunately there are no tigers which would kinda be a deal breaker for me if I was going to cough up 18 grand to stay here for a month.

This is the main hall of the house where I am guessing the final firefight happens in the movie. I must say that even though this house is pretty flawless its still not as cool as when Tony had it. The "World Is Yours" statue looked much better than the one they have there now.

This is one of the hallways which has immensely tall walls complete with columns. I love it when posh houses have random chairs in place where you would never sit in a million years. Can you imagine picking up a book from the study and deciding to sit on one of them chairs by the door? you just wouldn't! it would be well strange if you did!

Here is another room with 2 strategically placed chairs. This looks like a dining room area which has doors which back on to the grounds. To be fair I wouldn't want to waste the 18 or so grand it takes to rent this house. Everything looks well expensive and everything has that whole "dont fucking touch!" vibe about it.

Outside we have a lovely garden balcony area with expensive looking cherub statues. I wouldn't be able to relax in this area without feelings of paranoia of whacked out south american dudes trying to invade with machine guns and knives.

Here is another awesome room but the pool table is an instant winner for me as I love getting drunk and playing pool. This room looks a bit more comfortable and more homely than the previous rooms we have seen.

This is the kitchen area and everything seems up to scratch in here. We only got to see Tony washing dishes early on in the movie but we never got to see him cook, Scarface cooking a fry up would have been comedy gold on par with the actual scene where he cuts a great promo on a whole restaurant full of rich people at the tail end of the movie.

This is the dining room and this room is just plain awesome. With the high rounded arch ceilings which have artwork of chariots and women dancing, this room is just pure class. You could even eat a Mcdonalds take away in this room and still feel like the fucking king of Miami.

This is one of the guest rooms which has a balcony and its own en suite bathroom. This is the room you would stay in if you were staying in Montana's home to tie up any loose ends of cocaine deal (which will ultimately go wrong in the end just like every drug deal in a movie).

This is the bathroom and if you are into pissing, shitting and washing then this is the place for you. I am kinda bummed out that the giant bathtub in which Tony cuts an awesome promo on his wife (and just about everything) is not pictured in the house. I've always wanted one of those!!

Here we have the master bedroom which is just plain pimpin'. With a huge four post bed with a balcony and a fireplace this where you want to wake up when you have made it in life. Although the house is 18 grand a month to rent I would argue with the landlord that this house had over a hundred people slaughtered including the property owner 30 or so years ago. Surely that would be a deal breaker when negotiating a sale price?

The house from Scarface is pretty cool and it hasn't changed to much since the filming of the movie. If you have 18k a month to pay for this badboy then I would highly recommend splashing out on this for a month. For the sort of money they are asking for it I would not be surprised if an eccentric real life drug dealer does actually end up living in this.




So we are on the road to Wrestlemania and things have heated up in recent weeks. Wrestlemania is the biggest event of the year and in my house it is more important than Christmas. Today I am going to share with you a list of moments which made me "mark out" (lose my shit for you non kayfabers). Over the next few weeks there will be a lot of Wrestling related content on Lost Entertainment to celebrate the grand spectacle that is Wrestlemania.


This may be a surprising entry but you must take into consideration that I am the biggest Hulkamaniac going (Well as long as it's Hogan working on WWE TV and not WCW or TNA that is). Every time Vince and Hogan get together there is a certain kind of chemistry and magic in the air which cannot be duplicated by anyone else and anywhere else. In 2005 when I was watching Wrestlemania 21 live with a few friends and I wasn't enjoying it as much as the previous manias I had watched live. So Eugene comes out and starts doing a promo and is the interrupted by Mohammad Hassan and his manager. Eugene ends up in the camel clutch and then BOOM Hogans theme music hits. At this point everyone in the arena and everyone watching the event at my house lost their shit and went crazy. Hogan cleans house and then there's a massive pose off at the end. This for me was one of the best moments for personal reasons . I am sure there were people who didn't enjoy this surprise appearance as much as me and my friends (probably because they found out what was going to happen on some shitty website beforehand) but we all had a blast.

Wrestlemania XXIV was easily one of (or if not) the best Wrestlemanias of the past decade. The whole show was hoot from start to finish. With an outstanding card one of the matches which stood out the most was Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair in the career ending match. In Flairs final WWE match with Shawn Michaels he put on the performance of a life time and turned up the gears so much so that you actually thought he might just be able to do it. Unfortunately Michaels sweet chin music would be the decider in one of the most heart wrenching moments in WWE history. Flair would go on to cry on live TV for an entire week only to turn up in TNA a few years later due to money troubles.


At the time this may have been the bloodiest match in WWE history. The feud between Steve Austin and Bret Hart started in the October of 1996 and boiled all the way through to August of 1997. While the moronic fans were switching over to WCW Nitro instead of Raw is War each week they were missing out on maybe some of the best TV ever to be recorded. The feud between Bret and Steve Austin was hands down the hottest thing to happen at the time and helped pave the way for the Attitude era which would ultimately be the most successful time in the companies history. In the submission match anything went and everything happened. Austin and Hart brawled all over the arena using everything but the kitchen sink to destroy each other.  In the end Austin would get badly busted open and placed in Harts deadly sharpshooter. Austins face squirting out blood is one of the most iconic images in wrestling history. Austin passes out in the end but never says I quit. Hart would turn heel at the end of the match and Austin would be catapulted to the top of the organization within a few months.


We all know what happened with Chris Benoit and how wrong and diabolical the things he did in his last hours were, but there is no denying that he was one of (if not) the greatest superstars of all time. When Benoit won the title at Wrestlemania XX in the best triple threat match of all time, it was a very emotional moment for everyone. The WWE has always emphasized that the entertainment part of the business is more important than the wrestling side of things. For example just take a look how they buried guys like Lance Storm and Dean Malenko for being "boring" even though they were pound for pound two of the best wrestlers around at the time. When Chris won the title it was a massive finger to the sports entertainment lot and a big thumbs up to the sport of professional wrestling. It was a great moral victory with a fairy tale ending. Chris wasn't famed for his promos nor for his marketability. Chris was a wrestler and a workhorse and when someone of that work ethic goes all the way to the top after many years of hard work and sacrifices its a very special thing. The fairy tale would take a grim turn for the worst 3 years later.


After nearly having his career ended in the previous August Stone Cold Steve Austin would return to the ring and kick off the most successful run that anyone has ever had in the world of professional wrestling. With Mike Tyson as the guest enforcer Stone Cold beat Shawn Michaels for the WWE championship on March 29th 1998. This moment for me is easily one of the top Wrestlemania moments and another example of a hard working individual who gained the success they truly deserved.


So Hogan headlined the first 9 Wrestlemania shows before ending up in WCW in 1994 to find even more financial success. The WWE took a while to recover from losing most of their top stars to Ted Turners WCW but once Stone Cold and the Rock became established the WWE would end up surpassing WCW and even putting them out of business. So in 2002 Hogan made his return and got booked against the Rock at the biggest show of the year at the Toronto Sky Dome. Hogan went into the match as the heel and the Rock was the face. However the crowd did not care about who was face or heel all that they cared about was the fact the Hulkster was back in a WWE ring and at Wrestlemania the show he pretty much carried on his back for the best part of a decade. The fans booed the Rock and cheered Hogan and the minute Hogan Hulked up the place exploded. Hogan would end up losing the match but would end up getting one more run as the top guy for a months after this event. This moment was proof that Hulkamania will always live forever within the hearts of the fans all over the world.


The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXV is easily up there as a contender for the greatest match of all time. From start to finish HBK and the Undertaker told an amazing story using their bodies and souls. In a match full of near falls, reversals, high impact moves and also an extremely worrying moment when the Undertaker landed on his head after diving over the top rope to the outside, this match had it all. This match is the closest you could get to being strapped into a roller coaster from your own living room. The two would have a rematch a year later which was another amazing encounter but didn't have the same kind of magic the previous match had.


At Wrestlemania XII in 1996 Shawn Michaels and Bret the Hitman Hart went toe to toe for an hour (and even into overtime) in the first ever Iron Man match. When you think of an hour long match you immediately think "an hour? this is gonna get boring after 20 minutes" but this was not the case at all. Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart wrestled one of the greatest matches of all time which had everyone on the edge of their seat. The WWE have had a few Iron Man matches since then but none of them have ever matched up to the classic encounter from Wrestlemania XII. For 2 guys to wrestle each other for an hour solid and still keep things fresh is just a great testament to how great Bret and Shawn really were at what they did.


I will be the first person to say that romance story-lines and pro wrestling don't mix. However at Wrestlemania VII Macho Man and Elizabeth captured the hearts and emotions of everyone who watched. So Savage has just lost the career ending match against the Ultimate Warrior which was an amazing encounter. Sensational Sherri starts putting the boots to Savage when Miss Elizabeth decides she has seen enough and leaps over the guard rail to save her ex boyfriend. After that Savage and Liz embrace and the whole crowd goes nuts with tears and cheers. I think another reason why this gets me emotional is the fact that Liz and Randy are no longer with us. Savage and Liz would tie the knot at Summerslam 91 only to have their wedding reception fucked up by the Undertaker and Jake the Snake Roberts.


Like I said at the beginning of the article this list is about moments which made me lose my shit and go berserk while watching Wrestlemania. So I am 8 years and watching Wrestlemania 8 on Sky TV and I am pretty bummed because the Hulkster is retiring (well so he said at the time anyway) and his last match is against Sid Justice. Hogan drops the leg drop and Sid kicks out and Papa Shango makes his way down to the ring and the two of them start kicking the shit out of the Hulkster. At this point I am enraged as I dont want to see my hero get treated this way especially in his last match. Bobby the Brain Heenan then says "Beefcake cant help him Hogans not got a friend left.." then DUN DAH DAH DUN DUN DUN DUN "ITS THE WARRIORS MUSIC!!!". The Ultimate Warrior sprints down to the ring and cleans house. I was a massive Hulkamaniac but I was always a Warrior guy and still am. Being 8 years old and watching this live was one of the greatest things I had ever seen.

More next week!!

So as many of you know I have been training at the London School of Lucha Libre the past few months. I will be doing a big article about the whole thing in the coming weeks. Recently I finished a few art pieces of my fellow wrestlers and there will be more to come in the coming months. I am hoping to get the complete roster done eventually. So here is the first collection of my Lucha Britannia art pieces







OK so this month was supposedly meant to be the Wrestlemania countdown month but due to the real Wrestlemania countdown being luke warm as fuck I have decided to carry on with business as usual on Lost Entertainment.

So last year I wrote an entertaining piece about Bootleg toys (click here to read) where talked in great detail about the counterfeit toys which have been made in Mexico. As there are so many fucked bootleg toys out there I decided to write a sequel and here it is. Bootleg Toys II: The Revenge of the Bootlegs.


With Rambo being popular as hell with the kids in the 1980's it is no big surprise that bootleggers ended up ripping him off as well. I had a really good Rambo bootleg which I believed to be real for many years as it was that good. However this evil eyed cheap one is a load of crap and the fact he is called "Adventure Man" is just the icing on the cake.

I love the way the guy on the packet looks like Ellis out of Die Hard. The figure must have had a shave before getting packed off to the local flea markets and off licences all over the world.


Like I said in the past article some of these toys are so fucked up on many levels that they become modern art. This badboy is a testament to this. A bootleg light up A Team van with Mr T's head popping out of the sun roof (which lights up for good measure) while his giant arms brandish weapons from the side windows. I would actually pay top dollar for this, whats not to like? read the box! It has five lights, a mighty driver that moves up and down automatically and the driver has an axe and a rifle! She will be mine.. oh yes she will be mine!


Being arguably the biggest and most recognizable super hero of all time, Superman gets bootlegged all the fucking time. Check the above picture, He has Batmans cape, Spidermans body and oh yeah he lights up as well.. YAY. I've only ever seen a few decent Superman bootlegs, as on a whole they are dog shit awful.

Would you buy this for your kid? A special blowjob action Superman soft toy! Why does Superman have the mouth of an inflatable sex doll? Any parent who bought this for their kid and did not think this looked a sex toy was a moron. This has to be one of the outrageous bootlegs I have ever seen in my life.

When I was a kid it was nearly impossible to get a figure of Superman. You could get Batman and everyone else but never Superman. All you could do was look on the back of Aquamans box and just dream. During my quest as a child to get a Superman figure I ended up with many shitty bootlegs. This was one of them, a non articulated toy with a crap sticker and his arms are always stuck in that position. This toy came with a parachute which was more like a plastic bag. Oh the minutes of fun we had throwing this piece or crap in the air and watching it slowly glide down to safety.

"SUPERMAN COME BACK" is another example of how messed up the world of bootleg toys actually is. Where do I start? Well superman is riding a dinosaur which has a "TRY ME" sticker pointing to its anus. Why Superman would be riding dinosaurs is just beyond me. The Superman on the right has no eyes.. or he is he sleeping? I would wanna close my eyes forever as well if I got stuck on a box with this lot.

Like I just said, Superman figures were very hard to come by and as a kid this one here was probably the best bootleg I found resembling Superman. How ever it was a great big chunk of rubber which had a string attached and still looked like shit. I had Batman and Spiderman toys which were very similar as well.


Imagine if the Titanic could turn it self into a giant robot? Think no more as the answer to our prayers is here.. TITANIC BOT!!!! This toy is so stupid and fucked up on so many levels I don't know where to start or end for that matter. Who needs life boats when the most famous luxury cruise liner can turn into a cyborg right?


If you are not the best at mastering the martial arts skills of the Turtles then here is your answer, shoot the twats in the face with the Turtles Gun. They will never see it coming as its bootlegged and makes no sense what so ever.


If you remember RobertCop the super cool Robocop bootleg from the last article then this will blow your socks off. When I wrote about Robertcop last time I actually forgot to mention he was in fact Robertcop 3. Just before I show you the figure check out the label from the packaging. We have Robertcop who has an Optimus Prime logo on his chest, C3P0's head on the T-1000's body and Johnny 5 from Short Circuit looming over the pair of them. I want a T Shirt of this!

However the label on the bag is the only thing worth keeping as the figure it self is beyond dire. He looks like a zombie version of Robocop. Robert Cop 3 was the best when it came to ripping off Robocop.


The mini Street Fighter 2 bootlegged action figures and play-sets where very good toys and examples of how sometimes bootlegs can be decently designed products. The toys came packed inside of mini bootleg SNES controllers which opened up into this.

The figures them selves were of a pretty decent standard and could be twisted at the waist. The figures had different paint jobs to their on screen counterparts but some where painted matching the characters real appearance. The Blanka for example on the right is painted using his official colors but E Honda is in white not blue.

These figures and play sets were of such good quality that I remember me and my friends competitively collecting these toys. We actually thought they were licensed products at the time they were that good.


Wrestling figures have always been the most bootlegged thing going. I could talk about the really bad ones but that is to easy and would take me an eternity to do. Today I am talking about the better bootlegs. The ones pictured above were released around late 1992 and were a collection of mini WWF figures which were pretty damn cool. Like the Street Fighter toys these bootlegs were so good we thought they were the real thing. Just take a look at them, each one looks and had has same colors of their real life counterparts at the time. These were another group of bootlegs I competitively collected among my friends at school.

This Ultimate Warrior has to be the best bootleg wrestling figure of all time. Using the molds from the Spanish line of official WWF dolls and taking the head off of the giant talking Hasbro Warrior toy, they managed to make the ULTIMATE Ultimate Warrior toy. Great paint job to boot as well. Hats off to these guys great job.


Now this is another bad ass bootleg. Using the same box and mold of the Superman super powers collection they made this super cool bootleg of Bruce Lee. I was lucky enough to have an official Bruce Lee action figure when I was a kid but I would have killed for this. A decent looking Bruce Lee bootleg in the Game of Death attire.  

More Lost Entertainment next week.



So with today being Good Friday Lost Entertainment will be showcasing the dolls and action figures of the one and only Jesus Christ. With the amount of action figures that have been made over the past 50 years it was only a matter of time before Jesus would be immortalized (yet again) in the form of a plastic toy. In theory Jesus has always been one of the first toys around when you consider the fact he is the focal point of the nativity set which maybe the first universally sold playset in history.

Today we are going to look at some of the coolest Jesus action figures ever made.


Buddy Christ is one of the most popular Jesus Christ toys on the market and is very common. His head bobbles to which is always a bonus I guess. I have seen these in the back of cars before bobbing away at the oncoming traffic. If I was a big Jesus fan and I crashed my car killing 6 people and I had this on my parcel shelf I would be off to my local church for a bit of a moan.


This Jesus maybe my favorite as he has the "crucify me" action and accessories going on. He comes with his own crucifix and some nails. Is that the spear of destiny in the top left hand corner or a grenade launcher? Either way I am sold. I want there to be Mexican bootlegged Jesus figures. A Jesus with the body of He Man with a chainsaw would be something I'd be happy with as a main Christmas present.


This one maybe the best of the bunch. A realistic 12 inch Jesus doll which kinda looks like an action man. I would have loved one of these when I was a kid. Dr X vs Jesus would have been a great war. Jesus would be like the new Terminator there would just be no way of killing him. Well fire would fuck him up. If Jesus would make a comeback after that I would believe in God forever and sell my story to ITN. No not a crying Virgin Mary statue on tonights news no, this prick from Essex has a Jesus figure which can heal it self after being set on fire! I am actually thinking of doing a Turin shroud style hoax by burning him only to replace him with another new figure when no ones looking.. Well if all else fails with my life I will give it a go.


This one is the most common Jesus figure around and was used in a famous movie which escapes me at this very point in time. You can pick one of these up anywhere online and they are not to expensive. For some reason this figure has wheels at the bottom. I have no idea why, and the only thing I can think of is that they wanted to do a little nod towards Jesus's roller skating career. 


Although I just made a silly remark about Jesus roller skating there are infact figures of Jesus doing such things. Above we see one of the toys grinding a rail with a skate board. Who ever made these toys deserves a big thumbs up.

Here we have a cliff climbing Jesus which is pretty cool, but it looks like he is climbing a giant Cadburys flake. Or a giant turd?

Finally we have Jesus in his NFL gear. If he can turn water into wine imagine how many touchdowns he could make out of one touchdown. Thing is we all know Jesus was a wimp so I cant imagine him being good at American Football. Unless he cheated.. like he did with everything else!


Our last figure is the deluxe edition of Jesus Christ. This one comes with accessories which are, a water jug, some loaves and some fish. For some reason the hands glow in the dark as well. I have no fucking idea why. While we are on the subject of the miracles of Jesus, I personally think that Jesus was a bit of a flash bastard and a very tight one as well. If he would have put in his fiver like everybody else then maybe he wouldn't have had to perform such miracles. Thats all for today Happy Easter!


The store opened on Saturday and it was a pretty fun day. Thanks to everyone who came to check out the shop and hang out. The store will officially open for regular trading at the beginning of May.

We have hundreds of great comics and graphic novels on sale which range from 50p to £20 with many deals and offers going on as well.

We are also working with Fallen Models by Tom Daines which is one of the coolest independant up and coming custom figure and model companies around in the UK.

We are selling these blank canvas 5 inch dolls which can be painted and turned into anything you want. They are great for making your very own wrestling figures and bootleg super heroes. If you are not very skilled at painting we can sort that out for you at a small extra cost.

As well as all this the shop is the home of tattoo artist and illustrator Sebastian Hannigan who does some amazing work. Prints are on sale and the tattoo parlour will be ready for the shop opening next month.

So with all this amazing stuff we have in store I hope to see you there in the near future. The store is located inside of a indoor shopping unit which houses a cash for gold shop and a few other units. We are located at the back. The address of the store is Unit 5, 284 Barking Rd, East Ham, Newham.

Atmosfear was an interactive VHS video board game released in the UK in 1992. In the United States this game was called Nightmare. The game was very innovative and the first of its kind. As well as playing against each other, players also had to play against a character called the Gate Keeper who was on the TV.

Before the game starts each player must write down their worst fear on a piece of card and then shuffle them and place them in the middle. When we replayed this game at Halloween most of the cards had "gang rape" wrote on them and my one had "the tax man" scribbled on it. The aim of the game was to progress around the board (which was a grave yard) collecting keys. Once you collected six keys you could then advance to the middle of the board and turn over the top nightmare card. If the card you unturned is not your nightmare then you win the game but if its not.. you lose shit bag.

With all that in mind you also have to play against another character who I mentioned earlier, The Gate Keeper. The Gate Keeper is a weird welsh guy with a hood on. You must do everything that is asked of you which includes, shouting stuff at the TV, rolling the dice, tossing the coin, being insulted by him and being made his bitch for the duration of the game.

As the game progresses the Gate Keeper becomes more evil looking and sounds weirder. The game is timed for 60 minutes. If no one can get to the middle of the board in time within that 60 minutes the Gate Keeper wins the game. This game is best enjoyed with six players and it was a blast playing it with the family at christmas in 1992. This game however does not have a very good replay value, as the tape is the same each time not many new scenarios occur.

Due to the game not having that great of a replay value expansion packs would be released in the near future to keep the game fresh and also keep the money rolling in. The original Atmosfear game sold over 1 Million copies in its first year and was a huge success.

Atmosfear would get a reboot a few years later with a DVD version which is cool and has countless new possibilities and angles which gives the game that replay value the previous versions lacked. These games are a good laugh and much more exciting than Scrabble and the other big time board games.

Being a kid was awesome and being one who grew up in the golden age of toys and action figures was double fucking awesome. Today we are going to look at some of the greatest toy playsets of all time. From Castle Greyskull to the Turtles Sewer, playsets have always been a very crucial factor in the world of licensed toys and action figures. So without any further delay lets take a look at some of the coolest toy playsets ever made.


I got this toy for my 5th birthday and it was one of the coolest things I ever got.. ever! I briefly talked about this toy in an article I done a few months back for the 2012 Halloween countdown (click here to read) but only very briefly. The Ghostbusters Fire House is a top contender for greatest playset of all time. 

The Fire house was 3 levels of fun as well has having a fire pole for the figures to slide down. There was also a Ghost Container which very cleverly allowed you to transfer captured ghosts via a sliding device. The ceiling had holes at the top which slime could be poured through and a garage space for the Ecto wagon.


This is the first time that the awesome Micro Machines have made an appearance on Lost Entertainment. There are many other playsets that were bigger and surpassed this one but as this was the oldest and most popular this one makes the list.

The playset came encased inside a big tool box which when opened, transformed into a mini city. 

Once fully set up it became a small city with a suspension bridge, a marina and lots of garages and tunnels for your cars and other vehicles to be parked. I only had a few Micro Machines so I ended up using my city as a demolition zone for my Jurassic Park dinosaur toys.


This playset was kind of a necessity if you had Hasbro WWF figures, unless of course you had a backyard fed which only has ringless backstage brawls. Many different toy rings had been made up to this point but none of them were as great as the Hasbro ring. Even to this day the Hasbro ring holds its own against the current rings that they make today. It was perfectly scaled and was durable as hell. The ring came complete with an American flag and a rubber WWF title belt.


Although Castle Greyskull was the must have playset when it came to He Man figures, Snake Mountain was a far more superior toy. 

Snake Mountain was a pretty big deal compared to the other awesome playsets in the Masters of the Universe line of toys and playsets. It had ladders, a bridge, compartments, a torture rack and also a cool voice changer microphone device in there for good measure as well. When you compare it to the Castle Greyskull playset, which really looked cool from the front but a shell from the inside, Snake Mountain wipes the floor with it.


 The title of this toy sounds a bit odd as it is just a big house for your Karate Kid figures to train and fight in. The "attack alley" part of the title makes it sound very rapey.

I will doing a big article in the near future about the Remco line of Karate Kid toys and action figures. The training center was an awesome playset which had 2 levels and came complete with a few ninjas as well. You can never be upset about getting ninjas for free I guess. The set came with lots of Karate related bits and pieces like breakable boards and plastic weapons.

Like Snake Mountain I always preferred Mumm-Ras Tomb playset over the Thundercats Lair. I think its because this playset was just so dark and gnarly compared to the other one. 

A great added bonus of this playset was the free figure of Mumm-ra in his natural form. This toy had a sliding device inside of his casket which could transform him into his beasted up action figure.


The toy biz line of Batman figures released in 1989 to tie in with the movie were just fucking awesome and my favorite set of Batman toys ever made. Not only did this line have a cool set of figures and amazing vehicles, but the Bat cave was just pure awesome.

The cave had lots of different ropes and pulley devices that Batman could scale and climb. I used to have mine in a secret bush in the garden along with the vehicles parked inside. I left it outside once and a cat or some other kind of animal pissed on it.


This toy might not look much now but at the time it was a big deal, a huge fucking deal in fact  I remember being so obsessed with this overpriced piece of plastic that I made friends with some smelly kid who I did not like very much, just so I could get to play with this playset or even just touch it.

The sewer had all kinds of underground pipes and a street level just above. The sewer also had a TV screen which you could place figures behind to make it look like they were on the TV. To be honest that part has always confused me but I still think its awesome.


Star Wars toys will always be renowned for being the most collectible and awesome series of toys ever made. Almost forty years on the Star Wars toys and franchise are still going very strong. The Death Star playset was something I had but it was something I got from a boot sale and wasn't in very good condition whatsoever.

The Death Star was made of durable cardboard but still cardboard is cardboard and it is not the easiest thing to preserve. This toy may be one of the most valuable playsets of all time if in the right condition. The toy consisted of four chambers and had working elevators. This maybe the holy grail when it comes to action figure playsets.


The A-Team line of toys are some of my most cherished and favorite toys to be released in the 1980's. The A-Team HQ is another super rare and valuable gem  just like the Death Star. The playset had 2 levels and came complete with shit loads of accessories and also had a working elevator as well.   


This toy is up there as being the most epic and largest playset of all time. Not many kids (including myself) had this but I knew one and I actually got to play with this plastic monstrosity.

The U.S.S FLAGG was over 6 feet in length and was full of compartments and rooms. The bridge area was superb and very realistic and the amount of stuff you could bring on the ship was endless. This toy maybe the boldest, largest and most extravagant playset ever made in the history of our planet.  

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Shockwaves is a horror movie from 1977 starring Peter Cushing about mutant Nazis. I have been after this movie for a few years now and finally managed to grab a copy this week.

So a boat full of tourists gets shipwrecked on a remote island in the Florida region. The survivors go to a massive abandoned hotel for help where they find Peter Cushing's character who tells them where to find a boat and to fuck off.

Like most horror movies they do not take his advice and thats where all the trouble starts. Cushing then tells his uninvited guests how he is an ex SS commander who created a race of mutant nazi's which cannot be controlled or reasoned with. They were created to man submarine ships and tear apart any opponents with their bare hands.

The mutants however could not be controlled and the mutants along with their commander fled from the allies and are now taking refuge on this deserted island.

This movie is one of the coolest films I have seen recently and there has been a lot of films watched at the Lost Entertainment HQ in the past few weeks. Shockwaves is cool because it is the most serious nazi related horror film I have seen, whereas others like Dead Snow (click here for the review) have always gone in the slapstick tongue in cheek approach when dealing with this very sensitive subject.

Shockwaves is a very chilling film for its time and it has aged very well. The movies simple yet very effective synth soundtrack just slots in perfect also.

The makeup and special effects in this movie are pretty cool. The mutant nazis look awesome and the underwater sequences look really good and build a great atmosphere. If you are looking for buckets of gore this will disappoint you somewhat, as the deaths in this movie all come from drowning. Remember a scary movie doesn't have to be about buckets of blood. The Ringu and the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre are testament  to this.

So the final verdict in this one is a thumbs up from me. Great story, decent performances, good soundtrack, great monsters and a thrill from start to finish.