24 Jan 2014


By Kristian Rodriguez K-ROD

I was thrilled this week to find out some of my art work has been show cased in this months issue of Bizarre magazine.

Recently the magazine reached out asking for art work of serial killers. A few months ago I drew a picture of the Night Stalker Richard Ramirez who died in prison last year.

I decided to send the piece in and it has been shown in this months issue along with some words from me on page 66. There were some other awesome pieces in there you should check out.

Before I started drawing the picture I was in the mood for drawing something dark and satanic. After reading the book about him and watching countless documentaries I decided that this was the most satanic thing to draw.

If it is hassle for you to get to the news stand to buy it, here is a scan of the bit that the piece is featured in.

Today I am now selling signed prints of the piece for only £4.99 (that's if you want a picture of a serial killer up on your wall) plus £1 postage. If you would like to view or buy any more of my art pieces please follow this link to my online art store by clicking here.