20 Jan 2014


In the WWF's heyday there were many different products released that made no sense what so ever. Along with a water pistol of the Ultimate Warriors head, the WWF SuperStars Shoot Out table hockey from REMCO maybe have been the most bizarre of them all.

REMCO was the very same toy company which released the AWA wrestling figures a decade before (click here to read our review on them) which are arguably the holy grail when it comes to wrestling related toys. The reason this product is so bizarre is the fact that 2 sports cross over. Its like having a Subuteo team made up of boxers or cricket players, it just wouldn't happen.

So the game uses the same kind of mechanics that you would find in any table hockey game, which consists of moving players using rods that are placed under the plating surface. I never forget the first time I see this game on a market stall in Romford when I was a kid. The level of confusion I had was through the roof, but I still wanted it because it had all my favorite WWF super stars (circa 1990) were involved. To be fair I would have badgered my mum to buy a piece of dog shit at the time if had Hulk Hogans image associated with it!

The game had 8 players which were divided into teams of four. One cool thing you could do with this game was swap the players round so heel turns were possible. As you can see Jake uses his snake a hockey stick which is fine, because its fine to be cruel to animals if there's wrestling involved. Animals are only there to be thrown on other wrestlers anyway!

The Hulkster has a barbell with weights as a hockey stick. I know Hogan is a very powerful guy but this would be a very bad choice as a hockey stick. I am not going to sit here and pick holes at a game that has many holes it almost becomes a giant sieve.

One good thing about the game is the fact that it comes with some pretty cool artwork by Joe Jusko who drew up some awesome stuff for the WWF back in the early 1990's. His most famous works are the posters for the Royal Rumbles of 1991 and 1992.

Even though this is the most random of toys it is still very collectible to this day and people pay hundreds for it on ebay. The tiny hockey players them selves are also very valuable on their own.