19 Nov 2014


Hey everyone sorry its been awhile but I am busy busy working round the clock making art pieces and clothing. Lost Entertainment will still be open during the holiday period but I would recommend buying things you want as Christmas gifts sooner rather than later to ensure they arrive on time. I am still taking art commissions for posters and custom clothing over this period.

The Bootleg Super Store will be closing on the 26th of November and all items have moved back over to the Lost Entertainment store on this website as of today. The reason for this is due to the fact I am paying double the bandwidth for having 2 shops. The store is also no longer selling comics. This is due to most of the decent items being sold and I have decided not to restock comics as clothing and art is far more popular. I am still selling the comics I have left but no longer online.

Other than that life is good and I am very busy guy these days but I will try and post some new content when I get some free time in the next few weeks.

Keep tight